How to Resolve Black Spots on Your Phone Screen

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Are you troubled by a black spot on your smartphone screen that seems to be spreading? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through the different scenarios that can cause a black spot on your phone screen and provide you with effective solutions. So, let’s dive right in!

Why Is There a Spreading Black Spot on Your Phone Screen? (4 Reasons)

We depend on our phones so much that any issue can be a major concern. One of the most frustrating problems is the appearance of a dark spot on the screen. This indicates that your phone is in trouble and may not be an easy fix. The situation worsens when the spot starts spreading. Let’s delve into the causes behind this issue and explore some potential remedies.

The black spot on your phone screen is not a single problem. The truth is that screens are manufactured in various ways, making them susceptible to unique issues. Even two identical phones can have similar-looking black spots caused by different underlying problems. Let’s discuss the most common causes of black spots so that you can understand what’s happening.

#1 Dead Pixels

Dead pixels are the most common culprits behind black spots on screens. Pixels are the individual sources of light that form the images on your screen. These pixels are typically lit by LEDs, which emit red, blue, or green light. When pixels die, they no longer emit any light, resulting in a black spot while the screen displays images. Dead pixels can occur due to burnout or damage from impacts or exposure to harmful elements like water. Normally, dead pixels do not spread, so if you notice spreading dead pixels, it indicates an additional problem, which we’ll address later.

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#2 Stuck Pixels

Pixels can also get stuck, disrupting proper image display. This issue often occurs with liquid crystal displays (LCDs). The liquid crystals control the pixels, and communication problems can lead to dark spots on the screen. Stuck pixels usually do not spread over time, but they can behave that way. Fortunately, fixing stuck pixels is relatively easy, and we’ll explain the solution shortly.

#3 Pressure

LCD screens can be affected by external pressure. Pressing on an LCD screen causes colors to distort and darken beneath your fingertips. Modern phones have thick and rigid touchscreens that don’t apply excessive pressure to the LCD part. However, internal pressure can occur if something swells or bends inside the phone. This pressure can create a dark spot that is prone to spreading.

#4 LCD Components

Damaged LCD components can also cause dark spots on the screen. The liquid crystals in an LCD screen are housed in tubes, which can break and leak. A dark spot resulting from a broken tube will be visible even when the screen is off. Moreover, the leaked liquid can continue to spread, causing the dark spot to expand over time.

How to Fix a Spreading Black Spot on Your Phone? (4 Ways)

Now that we understand the causes behind black spots and their spread, let’s explore the solutions. Since each cause requires a different approach, we’ll break them down and provide you with the most reliable options to restore your phone screen to its former glory. For each scenario, we’ll discuss both do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions and professional fixes.

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#1 Repairing Stuck Pixels

Stuck pixels are the easiest issue to address. The problem lies with the digital control mechanisms, which means that you can use software to unstick them. There are various apps and websites available that offer stuck pixel repair tools. These tools cycle through pixel controllers to reset the mechanism, freeing the stuck pixels and restoring the screen to normal.

#2 Relieving Pressure

If LCD pressure is causing the problem, you’ll need to open the phone and locate the source of the internal pressure. This involves removing the screen, which can be done using DIY kits or by seeking help from phone repair experts. In most cases, the pressure is caused by a swollen battery. By removing the battery and replacing it, you can alleviate the pressure. If the battery isn’t the issue, you’ll need to check for any bent or damaged components that may be exerting pressure on the screen. Straightening or replacing these components will relieve the pressure. However, persistent issues after pressure relief indicate LCD tube damage that requires further repairs.

#3 Dead Pixels

When dealing with dead pixels, software repairs are not possible. You will need to repair or replace the affected pixels, which usually involves replacing the entire screen. While individual pixels can technically be replaced, the tiny size of modern pixels makes this option impractical in terms of time and cost. Screen replacements, on the other hand, are relatively affordable. You can opt for a DIY screen replacement kit or take your phone to a repair shop. Either way, replacing the screen is usually more cost-effective than buying a new phone. If your phone is reaching the end of its lifespan, this could also be an opportunity for an upgrade.

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#4 Screen Damage

When facing spreading black spots, the culprit is usually a cracked or broken screen, or damaged LCD tubes in rare cases. Regardless of the specific issue, a screen replacement is the solution. To make this process easier, check if your warranties cover all or part of the repair. Accidental damage plans and some screen protectors often include coverage for screen repairs. Review all available warranties to potentially save some money.

Why Does the Black Spot Spread on Your Phone Screen?

Now that we understand the causes of spreading black spots, let’s explore why they expand. The spreading is attributed to a few factors. If dead pixels are spreading across the screen, it indicates the ongoing damage of more pixels over time. This suggests that your screen is cracked, and the crack is progressively spreading, similar to the way cracks spread on a windshield. This leads to an increasing number of dead pixels. When pixels are stuck, it indicates a worsening control issue. In the case of LCD back pressure, the pressure increases over time, causing the darkness to spread. This is often caused by a swollen battery that deteriorates further. Lastly, when LCD tubes break, the released liquid creates pressure within the screen structure. This pressure can cause more tubes to break, resulting in the expansion of the dark spot on the screen.

If you’ve been troubled by a spreading black spot on your phone screen, we hope this article has provided you with the knowledge and solutions you need. Remember, taking timely action can help prevent further damage and ensure the longevity of your device.

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