How to Wrap a Towel Around Your Head Easily

Video how to wrap a towel around your head

You’ve probably seen those commercials or TV shows with people wearing turban-like towels wrapped around their heads. Have you ever tried wrapping a towel like that? Perhaps you couldn’t quite figure it out. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how!

Wrapping Your Hair in a Towel and Creating a Towel Turban

woman with a white towel wrapped around her head

Some people prefer to dry their hair with towels rather than blow dryers. It’s a great way to reduce the damage caused by the heat. But here’s the thing – most people don’t know how to wrap a towel around their head properly.

Step #1: Choose the Right Towel for Your Hair

Turkish cotton towel stack

To get started, you need to pick the right towel for your hair type and length. Here are some tips to help you choose the best hair towel:

  • Select a towel long enough to cover all of your hair and create a towel turban.
  • Even if you have short hair, it’s best to choose a towel long enough to wrap around your head securely.
  • Consider using a microfiber towel, as they are soft and gentle on your hair.
  • Alternatively, opt for a 100% cotton towel like the premium cotton towels from RobesNmore. These towels absorb moisture quickly and are gentle on your hair and skin. Perfect for creating a towel turban!
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Step #2: Blot Your Hair to Remove Excess Water

woman drying her hair with a towel

Before wrapping the towel around your head, make sure to remove excess water from your hair. Gently press your hair between the folds of the towel or give it a gentle squeeze to remove the excess water. Just ensure that your hair is not dripping wet before moving on to the next step.

Step #3: Comb Your Hair to Untangle It

woman combing her hair

Don’t forget to detangle your hair before wrapping the towel around your head. Combing is essential, especially if you have long hair. If you have wavy hair and want to preserve your curls, you can gently comb your hair with your fingers instead.

Step #4: Flip Your Hair Over Your Head

Bend over and flip your hair forward, bringing it all in front of your face. Take this opportunity to detangle your hair further if needed.

Step #5: Wrap a Towel Around Your Head

woman holding a towel wrapped around her head

Now that your hair is flipped forward, position the towel at the center of your head. If the towel isn’t long enough to cover all of your hair, adjust it by pulling it further towards the lengths. Hold each side of the towel and bring them together at the front of your head, in the middle of your hairline. Make sure to wrap the towel securely so it doesn’t fall off. Finally, twist the towel to secure it in place. Avoid twisting too tightly to prevent damage to your hair.

Step #6: Flip It Back

With your hair wrapped in the towel, stand upright and secure the towel by flipping it backward over your head. You may use a clip to keep the end of the towel in place if needed.

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Step #7: Wait for It to Dry

Leave the towel on for around 30-60 minutes, depending on the length of your hair. Afterward, you can unwrap the towel. Keep in mind that your hair may not fully dry with this method. You can allow it to air dry for a bit after removing the towel. And voila! Now you know how to wrap a towel around your head!

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