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Stepson Excluded from “Father-Children Bonding” Trip with Biological Siblings

A father is facing criticism on Reddit after allegedly excluding his stepson from a bonding trip with his biological children. The stepson, who shared his story on Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole (AITA) subreddit, revealed that his stepdad married his mother when he was just one year old. Despite the stepson’s requests to join, his stepdad has never taken him on these trips.

The Story of a Stepson’s Exclusion

The stepson, with the username Contkad851, explained that his stepdad has a biological son of the same age as him, as well as a 14-year-old daughter together with his mother. Over the past two years, the stepdad has been taking his biological kids on “father-children bonding” trips. However, the stepson has always been left out.

A Hurtful Conversation

When the stepson confronted his stepdad about the exclusion, the stepdad responded by saying that the trip is exclusively for him and his children. He emphasized that the stepson is not his child like his biological children and that he doesn’t want to dilute the experience. The stepson shared this hurtful conversation on Reddit.

The Mother’s Response

Upon hearing about the conversation, the stepson approached his mother. However, she simply stated that she can’t change the way the stepdad feels and that the stepson needs to accept it.

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A Heartbreaking Reality

The stepson admitted that his stepdad has been the only father figure he has ever known. He explained that his biological father is not present in his life. However, he has always felt like a second-class member of the family. While his mother treats his stepbrother equally, the stepdad doesn’t do the same for him.

Calling Him by His Name

Feeling hurt and rejected, the stepson made the decision to stop calling his stepdad “dad” and instead refer to him by his first name, Tom. When questioned about this change, the stepson expressed that he doesn’t want to dilute the special bond that Tom has with his biological children.

The Mother’s Plea

The stepson’s response deeply hurt the stepdad, as reported by the user’s mom. She believes that the stepson should apologize and acknowledge that Tom has been like a dad for him throughout his life. She emphasized that the stepson shouldn’t focus on the small percentage of their relationship that is missing but appreciate the majority.

Stepparents and Their Perception

A study published in the Journal of Family Issues suggests that stepparents often perceive their stepchildren as their own. The findings show that stepparents evaluate their stepchildren in reference to the general archetype of a parent-child relationship rather than their personal experiences. However, stepparents with biological children from a previous union tend to perceive their stepchildren as their own the least.

Reddit Users Show Support

Several users on Reddit sympathized with the stepson’s situation, arguing that the stepdad does not deserve to be called his father. Commenters expressed that the stepson deserves a dad figure who views and treats him as his own. They criticized the stepdad’s behavior and questioned the mother’s support for her son.

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The stepson’s exclusion from bonding trips with his stepdad and biological siblings has caused emotional distress. While the stepson believes he deserves to be treated equally, the stepdad’s actions and comments have made him feel like an outsider within his own family. Reddit users overwhelmingly supported the stepson’s decision to stop calling his stepdad “dad” and expressed their disappointment in the stepdad’s behavior and the mother’s response.

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