Why Isn’t My Cat Sleeping With Me Anymore?

No matter how strong your bond is with your feline friend, there may come a time when you find yourself wondering why your cat has stopped sleeping with you. To an outsider, the idea of sharing a bed with a cat may seem strange, but we understand the comfort and connection it brings. So, let’s delve into the reasons why your cat might have changed their sleeping habits.

7 Possible Reasons for Your Cat’s Change in Sleeping Habits

There isn’t a single definitive answer to the question of why your cat won’t sleep with you anymore. Despite centuries of domestication, feline behavior still holds many mysteries. Nevertheless, based on research and years of cat ownership, we’ve compiled a few plausible explanations.

##1 Restless Sleep

We’ve all encountered a bedmate who tosses and turns during the night. Being jostled while trying to sleep isn’t pleasant. Now, put yourself in your cat’s paws. If you frequently flail your arms, move your legs, or roll over in your sleep, your cat may find the experience rather tumultuous. To avoid being launched off the bed or squashed, your cat might seek alternative sleeping spots, such as your head or a secure location.

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##2 Temperature Troubles

Cats have different temperature preferences compared to humans. While a room temperature may be cozy for you, it could be too hot or cold for your cat. Cats seeking warmth by lying on you might indicate that they feel chilly and uncomfortable. Conversely, on a warm night, your body heat can make it challenging for your cat to stay cool under their fur.

##3 The Need for Height

Cats have an inherent love for elevated places, a trait passed down from their wild ancestors. These elevated perches provide them with a safe haven away from dogs and other potential threats. Cats are especially vulnerable when they sleep, so if your bed doesn’t meet their height standards, they may not feel secure enough to snooze there.

##4 Accessibility Issues

In some cases, your cat’s age, injuries, or health conditions may prevent them from jumping onto the bed. So, it could be less about a refusal and more about physical limitations.

##5 Negative Experiences

If something frightened your cat while they were asleep on your bed, they may avoid that spot for a while. Cats have good memories for both positive and negative encounters, so a change in sleeping location might be their way of seeking peace of mind.

##6 Preference for Solitude

Do you have other pets that also share your bed or have recently started doing so? While your pets may get along during the day, your cat might not appreciate the idea of sharing their sleeping area with another feline or canine companion.

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##7 Discovering a Better Spot

Don’t take it personally, but your cat may have found a more appealing sleeping spot. It could be anything from a cozy cat bed to a cardboard box in the garage. Cats sometimes have multiple favorite spots to rotate between, so they might be enjoying their newfound comfort elsewhere.

How to Encourage Your Cat to Sleep With You Again (6 Tips)

##1 Consider a Cat Bed

If your cat no longer sleeps on your bed, try taking small steps. Instead of the bed, focus on having your cat sleep in the same room as you. A cat tree with a cozy bed can offer them their own space and a sense of security. Gradually move the cat bed closer to your bed until you can eventually place their bed on yours, encouraging them to return.

##2 Create Adequate Space

For a successful co-sleeping arrangement, both you and your cat need to be comfortable. Providing enough space for both of you to move without disturbance is key. While buying a larger bed would be ideal, simply removing some unused pillows and cushions can make a difference.

##3 Adjust the Temperature

If you suspect that your cat has abandoned your bed due to room temperature, try making adjustments to ensure their comfort. In colder weather, provide them with a warm blanket or eliminate drafts. On hotter nights, consider using a fan or air conditioning to maintain a more pleasant temperature for both of you.

##4 Address Height Concerns

If your cat struggles to get onto the bed, there are solutions to explore. Pet steps are available to help your furry friend access the bed independently. Alternatively, if your cat prefers higher surfaces, try placing a pillow or two for them to sleep on, providing a little extra height.

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##5 Establish a Nighttime Routine and Reward

Getting your cat into a predictable nighttime routine can be beneficial. Keep them active during the day, provide an evening meal, and engage in playtime before going to bed. If your cat follows you onto the bed, reward them with treats like salmon cat treats, creating positive associations with the shared sleeping experience.

##6 Be Patient

While you may be eager to have your cat sleep with you again, it’s essential not to force or stress them into it. Taking a gradual and considerate approach will yield better results. Ultimately, if your cat prefers to sleep elsewhere, it might be best to accept and respect their choice.


If you find yourself asking, “Why won’t my cat sleep with me anymore?” rest assured that it’s not a reflection of their love for you. Cats require comfort and have practical considerations when choosing a sleeping spot. Review the points discussed in this article, assess what could make your cat more at ease, and find ways to accommodate their preferences.

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