Why Does She Choose to Call Me Daddy?


What does it mean when your partner refers to you as “Daddy”? Why do girls use this term? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this intimate nickname and the various interpretations it can have within a relationship.

The Evolution of Calling Partners “Daddy”

Calling one’s romantic partner “Daddy” is not a recent phenomenon and dates back to the early 1900s. It has become a standard and even expected term of endearment used by girlfriends for their boyfriends. Therapists even suggest that partners give each other pet names to foster intimacy and connection. So, what does it truly signify when you’re called “Daddy”?

Understanding the Perception of “Daddy”

While many girls call their boyfriends “Daddy” without hesitation, some men find it unsettling. The term “Daddy” can evoke images of a young girl looking up to a father figure, which can be discomforting for certain individuals. This discomfort might stem from the fear of sounding incestuous or the sexual connotation associated with the word “Daddy.”

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However, it is crucial to question why we sexualize the term “Daddy” rather than viewing it as a simple pet name. After all, women typically don’t take offense when their boyfriends call them “hot mama,” and both genders have grown accustomed to calling each other “baby.” Therefore, the meaning of “Daddy” within a relationship should not be a cause for significant concern. Ultimately, it is a term of endearment chosen by consenting adults during private moments.

Reasons Behind Calling Significant Others “Daddy”

Here are some common reasons why a woman may refer to her significant other as “Daddy”:

1. Dominance and Confidence

If your partner calls you “Daddy,” it does not necessarily indicate that she has unresolved issues with her father. Instead, some women are attracted to dominant men and use this term as a compliment. Being a take-charge individual, especially in bed, can be seen as a desirable quality, and “Daddy” serves as an affectionate expression of that perception.

2. Desire for Submissiveness

In some instances, women who are typically assertive and powerful in their professional lives may use the term “Daddy” in the bedroom to explore a dominant/submissive dynamic. This role-playing allows them to experience surrender and build sexual tension with their partners.

3. Connection to Positive Qualities

When a woman calls you “Daddy,” it does not necessarily mean that you physically resemble an older gentleman. Instead, she may be referring to certain qualities and behaviors that remind her of her father’s positive attributes. Embrace this nickname as it signifies that she appreciates those qualities in you.

4. Influence of Adult Films

The adult entertainment industry often portrays women referring to their partners as “Daddy.” Consequently, your partner might believe that you find it sexually arousing based on what she has seen. By using this term, she may be attempting to please you and enhance your intimacy.

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5. Term of Endearment

Not every instance of calling someone “Daddy” carries a sexual undertone. It might simply be a way for your partner to express her fondness and affection towards you. The use of this term does not indicate a transfer of her feelings for her actual father onto you; it is a heartfelt pet name that signifies love and security within the relationship.

6. Teasing and Playfulness

Your partner may call you “Daddy” playfully if she knows it makes you uncomfortable or if she finds enjoyment in teasing you. In response, you can reciprocate by giving her a nickname that she dislikes, encouraging her to reconsider her choice.

7. Personal Preference

Similar to calling someone “Baby,” using the term “Daddy” may simply be a personal preference for your partner. It has a certain appeal to her, and she uses it affectionately to express her feelings towards you.

8. Sense of Safety and Protection

When a girl refers to her boyfriend as “Daddy,” it may indicate that she feels safe and protected in the relationship. This term evokes a power dynamic reminiscent of a parental relationship, highlighting the trust and security she feels with you. It is essential to understand that this does not mean she sees you as a replacement for her actual father but rather acknowledges your efforts to provide love and care.

9. Sexual Arousal

During intimate moments, your partner may call you “Daddy” because it turns her on. She finds you attractive and enjoys your dominant role in the bedroom. This term serves as a way to express her desire and make you feel good about the encounter.

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10. Mutual Pleasure

A woman may call you “Daddy” because she believes it arouses you. Men who are visibly turned on are often seen as incredibly sexy by women. If she thinks using this term can heighten your pleasure, she may embrace it willingly.

11. Existing Fatherhood

If you are already a father, your wife or girlfriend may call you “Daddy” as a way to emphasize your role within the family. This usage serves as a reminder to your children about their paternal connection. It is essential to note that only someone who deeply cares for you would likely use this nickname, not a casual acquaintance or stranger.

12. Attraction and Flirtation

One of the primary reasons for pet names like “Daddy” is the attraction your partner feels towards you. Using this term allows her to express her physical and emotional attraction playfully. It is a way of saying, “You’re hot,” in a flirty and fun manner.

13. Creating a Seductive Fantasy

When your girlfriend calls you “Daddy,” she might be attempting to create a seductive fantasy. By casting herself as a helpless baby in this scenario, she aims to evoke your protective and masculine instincts. This role-play can enhance the excitement and passion in your relationship.

14. Role-Playing in the Bedroom

Some women enjoy engaging in role-play scenarios where they assume the role of a submissive partner. In such cases, your girlfriend may call you “Daddy” to symbolize an unequal power dynamic. It is important to ensure that this role-playing aligns with a healthy and consensual power balance within your relationship.

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15. Expressing Unconditional Love

Girls often possess unconditional love for their fathers, and when your partner calls you “Daddy,” she may be seeking to replicate that feeling of adoration towards you. She wants you to feel loved and revered without any conditions. Hearing her call you “Daddy” might give you the confidence that you can do anything for her.

16. Interest in BDSM

If your partner calls you “Daddy” and is interested in BDSM, it signifies her preference for a specific branch called DDLG (Daddy Dom/Little Girl). In this dynamic, she enjoys being treated like a child, and referring to you as “Daddy” feels natural and authentic to her. It is important to note that practicing DDLG is not linked to pedophilia, as affirmed by health professionals.

The Meaning Behind “Daddy”

Relationship coach and sex therapist Jacqueline Hellyer explains that calling your partner “Daddy” is about embracing caring, supportive, and assertive qualities within the relationship. Your girlfriend might use this term to test the boundaries of your connection and embody the positive qualities you have demonstrated to her. It is a form of role-play that allows her to let go and embrace vulnerability.

Appropriate Responses to “Daddy”

When your girlfriend refers to you as “Daddy,” you can respond with endearing nicknames such as “baby girl” or “princess.” These terms reflect how she perceives you as a hero and strengthen the emotional connection between you. Alternatively, you can ask her which nickname she prefers, providing options like honey, sweetie, or cutie pie, and allowing her to choose her favorite.

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If You’re Uncomfortable with “Daddy”

It is normal to have reservations about being called “Daddy” if you have unresolved issues with your own father or if the term simply feels uncomfortable to you. In such cases, communicate your feelings to your partner in a gentle and understanding manner. Let her know that you appreciate her affection but prefer an alternative nickname that resonates with you. Remember, the usage of “Daddy” in an intimate context does not imply any connection to her actual father.


Understanding the reasons why your girlfriend calls you “Daddy” can lead to a deeper and more satisfying relationship. While this term may evoke discomfort for some, it is important to respect individual preferences and find a nickname that brings joy and intimacy to both partners. Whether you embrace it or kindly request an alternative, the decision ultimately depends on you and your relationship dynamics.

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