Why Jake Paul Has the WBC Belt

The Reason for Tommy Fury’s Recognition

Tommy Fury’s victory over Jake Paul has not only earned him praise from boxing’s prestigious World Boxing Council (WBC), but it has also raised questions about why he was awarded a special belt. The WBC, renowned for its expertise and authority in the sport, recently explained their decision to honor Fury with the ‘Diriyah Belt’ in recognition of his accomplishment.

Promoting Boxing to New Audiences

The ‘Diriyah Belt,’ named after the Riyadh region where the fight took place, signifies the WBC’s recognition of the efforts made by both Fury and Paul in promoting the sport to a wider audience. The boxing organization commended their entertaining fight and card, which successfully attracted new viewers who may not have otherwise been exposed to boxing. By engaging these fans, Fury and Paul showcased their dedication to expanding the sport and bringing in fresh interest.

The Controversy Surrounding the Belt

While belts are traditionally reserved for title fights, the decision to award Fury the ‘Diriyah Belt’ for this particular match sparked widespread scrutiny. Overseas fans even mockingly referred to it as the ‘diarrhoea belt’ as an act of protest. However, it is important to note that this belt holds no significant meaning within the broader boxing landscape and is unlikely to be defended in future fights.

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Tommy Fury was presented with the 'diarrhoea belt' following his win over Jake Paul

Recognition and Future Prospects for Fury

In addition to receiving the special belt, Tommy Fury’s victory has placed him among the top 40 ranked fighters within the WBC. This recognition serves as a reward for his exceptional performance in Saudi Arabia. Fans may even witness a rematch between Fury and Paul later this year, as both fighters have expressed their interest in revisiting the ring together.

Jake Paul, reflecting on his first career defeat, expressed his determination to fight a better bout in the future and secure a victory against Fury.

Saudi Arabia’s Growing Influence in Boxing

Saudi Arabia has emerged as a prominent host for major boxing matches in recent years. The country has witnessed high-profile fights, including Anthony Joshua versus Oleksandr Usyk in Jeddah last year. The showdown between Fury and Paul also attracted a star-studded audience, with renowned figures like Cristiano Ronaldo and boxing legend Mike Tyson in attendance.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury pose with the belt

Jake Paul’s Previous Belt Controversy

This is not the first time that Jake Paul has been embroiled in belt-related controversy. Prior to his knockout win against Tyron Woodley in December 2021, the American fighter faced criticism for commissioning a ‘Most Valuable Boxer’ belt, reportedly costing him £375,000. Paul’s strong association with notable belts has added to the intrigue surrounding his fights and the attention they attract.

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