When Alyson Shotz Redefined the Poetry of Space

Alyson Shotz is an artist who defies categorization, constantly shape-shifting her style and methodology. Her latest exhibition, “Force of Nature,” showcases her remarkable ability to blend diverse materials and concepts into thought-provoking works of art. Presented by Hamilton College, New York, and the College of Charleston, South Carolina, Shotz’s show aligns perfectly with the liberal arts, encouraging the exploration of interconnected ideas.

Shotz’s artistic repertoire spans a wide range of media, including paper, clay, digital imaging, metal, beading, glass, fiber, animation, and dichroic laminations. She skillfully utilizes these materials to bring her complex ideas to life. Drawing inspiration from theoretical mathematics, physics, chance operations, memory, art history, time, and language, Shotz weaves together a tapestry of perception-altering experiences. Her work challenges viewers, simultaneously disorienting and delighting them on both visceral and intellectual levels.

“Force of Nature” features a captivating collection of pieces, united by Shotz’s exploration of the interplay between the human mind and sculptural space. As viewers engage with her artwork, they are confronted with a psychic resonance that compels them to question their own assumptions. Shotz’s sculptures possess a fluidity that evolves with each changing perspective, creating a mesmerizing kaleidoscopic effect.

Through her art, Shotz ignites curiosity, urging us to reexamine the world around us and reconsider the reliability of our perceptions. Whether it’s the undulating shimmer of “Invariant Interval” or the revealing effects of chance and gravity captured in “Recumbent Folds,” Shotz unveils the unseen forces that encompass us. In her piece “Frames Per Second,” she harkens back to the pioneering time-motion studies of Eadweard Muybridge, providing a reflective space where we find ourselves caught between receding time and infinite space.

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Shotz’s work beautifully harmonizes with nature, eliciting aesthetic pleasure and inspiring contemplation about our place in the universe. As we marvel at her meticulous craftsmanship and the incredible spectacle of her sculptures, the true magic lies within the connection we forge between the artwork and our own minds.

Join Shotz on a journey of discovery, as she reshapes our understanding of space and challenges us to embrace the wondrous world we inhabit. To learn more about Shotz and her art, visit 5 WS, your gateway to the five essential Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

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