When a Guy Says You’re Doing Too Much

Video when a guy says you're doing too much

Balancing Ambition and Relationships

Now, I don’t often discuss dating on Keep It Short and Sweet because I’m not an expert in relationships. However, when my friend recently asked me about this issue, I thought I’d give it a shot. After all, it can be challenging for ambitious women in a world largely dominated by men. While men are expected to conquer the world without question, ambitious women often face scrutiny and negative judgments. So, let’s delve into this topic.

Husband feeling neglected because of ambitious wife

If this question had been posed to me a few years ago, my immediate response would have been to leave that person who doesn’t support your dreams. I would have advised you to assert your independence as a strong woman and reject their narrow-minded ideals. However, as I’ve grown older and wiser, I now realize that throwing a fit and ending the relationship doesn’t always yield the best outcomes.

Communication is Key

In my opinion, healthy relationships thrive on communication. Therefore, it’s essential to have an open conversation with your partner. Try to understand why he believes you’re “doing too much.” A man who truly loves you should want you to succeed and fulfill your dreams. To address his insecurities, you need to get to the root of the issue. Perhaps he’s afraid of losing you to your career or feels neglected because you prioritize other activities over spending time with him. Men often struggle to express their vulnerabilities. In such cases, if he’s feeling insecure about your relationship and believes he’s being left behind, it’s crucial to find ways to include him.

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Involving Your Partner

Find small, even seemingly insignificant, ways to involve him in what you’re doing. You can ask for his help with mailing tasks, request his opinion on a project you’re working on, or let him assist you in choosing an outfit. Even if his schedule doesn’t allow him to join you physically, send him selfies during your outings. I know it may sound cheesy, but these little gestures can make a real difference.

If you can’t get him directly involved in your business, try to take an interest in his interests and career. Make an effort to learn more about what he does. Convey that you’re investing just as much in him as you are in your other endeavors.

Traditional Ways to Strengthen Your Connection

Lastly, if everything else fails, resort to some tried-and-true methods. Women have always known how to use their charms to get what they want. If he loves food, cook him a delicious meal until he can’t breathe. If he enjoys intimacy, take it to the next level. If he’s a football fan, surprise him with tickets to his favorite team’s game. Plan a special date together. Show up at his workplace with a hot meal, wearing high heels and red lipstick. Give him a foot rub, back rub, or neck massage – anything to make him feel appreciated and valued.

In essence, the key is to make him feel included, prioritize him, and ensure that he feels good in your relationship.

I must emphasize that this advice is intended for women in healthy relationships where there is equal investment from both partners. If this is not the case, please refer to my earlier advice from two years ago, which suggests leaving the relationship if it is not supportive.

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Do any of you have advice to share? Have any of you experienced a similar situation and successfully overcome it? Let’s discuss in the comments!


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