What’s the Value of a Shadow Dragon in Adopt Me?

Video what is a shadow dragon worth in adopt me

Shadow Dragon, a highly coveted pet from Adopt Me!, is worth $65 in 2023. This limited edition dragon holds immense value and was introduced to the game during the first week of Halloween on October 18, 2019. Initially available for purchase, it can now only be obtained through trading. The Shadow Dragon is truly worth the effort. With its sleek black design, it also offers the unique options of a neon appearance and a mega neon appearance.

The Value Chart for Shadow Dragon in 2023

  • Shadow Dragon: Equivalent to a Bat Dragon
  • Neon Shadow Dragon: Equivalent to a Giraffe and Frost Dragon
  • Mega Neon Shadow Dragon: Equivalent to a Mega Neon Unicorn and Bat Dragon

How Can You Obtain a Shadow Dragon?

Previously, the dragon could be purchased, but currently, it can only be acquired through trading. Its popularity is evident, as there are currently 1,861 active offers for the regular version on AdoptMeTradingValues. The Neon version has accumulated 213 offers, while the Mega Neon version boasts 137 offers.

What’s the Most Valuable Pet in Adopt Me Roblox?

This pet ranks among the most expensive ones available. The dragon carries a price tag of $24.99 on Amazon and is coveted by a total of 4,155 users. It is highly regarded within the Roblox Adopt Me community and is second in popularity only to the candy cannon.

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How Much Does a Shadow Dragon Cost?

The Shadow Dragon can be purchased for approximately 1,000 Robux or $65. The pet marketplaces expand beyond just Adopt Me, with options available on Amazon and eBay.

Shadow Dragon

Which Other Pets Can Compare to the Shadow Dragon?

The Shadow Dragon is unmatched in rarity, though giraffes and frost dragons are considered close counterparts. These dragons are highly sought after, with many players longing to acquire them. One Shadow Dragon can be valued at around 2-3 frost dragons, and the neon version is even more in demand than the mega frost.

How Can You Obtain the Neon Edition?

To obtain the neon edition, the only current option is to purchase it online, as the Halloween event has concluded. People are willing to pay a premium for this dragon over other pets. It is available for purchase on Adopt Me, as well as on platforms like eBay and Amazon.

The Most Powerful Pet in Roblox Adopt Me:

In 2023, the Shadow Dragon reigns supreme as the most powerful pet in Roblox Adopt Me. Following closely behind are the Giraffe and Frost Dragon, alongside the Llama and Monkey King.

Interesting Facts about the Pet:

The Shadow Dragon has become a beloved pet, with people not only purchasing shadow dragon stuffed animals for their children but also showing a keen interest in fan art. This dragon offers a range of tricks as it grows from a Newborn to a Junior, Pre-teen, Teen, and finally, a Post-Teen full-grown pet. Its dark-themed aesthetics appeal to those who are fond of such designs. Furthermore, the neon and mega-neon versions of the dragon are incredibly popular as well.

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