What Are The Wishes In The Monkey’s Paw

Monkey Paw: A Cursed Possession That Grants Wishes in Phasmophobia

Have you ever wished for something and later regretted it? Well, I certainly have, thanks to the Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia. This powerful cursed possession grants wishes, but be warned – each wish comes with a negative effect that can turn your whole game upside down. Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look at all the Monkey Paw wishes in Phasmophobia and discover their consequences.

All Monkey Paw Wishes in Phasmophobia, Explained

Here’s a complete list of the Monkey Paw wishes you can make:

  1. I wish for Sanity
  2. I wish to be safe
  3. I wish to leave
  4. I wish to see the ghost
  5. I wish for activity
  6. I wish to trap the ghost
  7. I wish for life
  8. I wish for knowledge
  9. I wish for (weather)
  10. I wish for anything

The latest Phasmophobia update, v0.8.1.0, introduced the Monkey Paw wishes, which are divided into three categories: Player, Ghost, and Other. The number of wishes granted depends on the difficulty level, ranging from three to five. Choose your wishes carefully because you can’t repeat them. You can either speak your wish into the microphone or select it from the options displayed on the screen.

But remember, caution is necessary! The Monkey Paw comes with its own set of penalties for making wishes. However, if you manage to capture a photo of the Monkey Paw, you’ll receive a reward of up to $5 and 5 experience points, depending on the quality of the image.

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All Monkey Paw Player Wishes and Their Effects in Phasmophobia

You can find Monkey Paw wishes scattered throughout the interior of Sunny Meadows Mental Institution. When you stumble upon one, it will be added to your Journal. However, it’s important to note that you don’t need to find them to use the Monkey Paw cursed possession. They simply serve as reminders of what each wish can do.

Monkey Paw Wishes

All Monkey Paw Ghost Wishes and Their Effects in Phasmophobia

Monkey Paw Wishes

All Monkey Paw Other Wishes and Their Effects in Phasmophobia

Monkey Paw Wishes

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The Best Monkey Paw Wish in Phasmophobia – Which One to Choose

Arguably, the best Monkey Paw wish in Phasmophobia is “I wish to revive a friend.” This wish allows you to save another player, although it comes with a drawback that adds an element of risk. If you happen to die, your friend can make a wish to revive you (or both of you might end up dead). If you’re searching for more ghostly adventures but want to try something different, check out some of the best Phasmophobia-like games. I promise you, they will give you chills!

How Many Monkey Paw Wishes Do I Get?

The number of Monkey Paw wishes you receive depends on the difficulty level or reward multiplier. Here’s how it works:

  • 3x Rewards or better: You get three (3) wishes.
  • 2x – 2.9x rewards: You get four (4) wishes.
  • 0-1.9x rewards: You get five (5) wishes.

For more assistance in dealing with ghosts, you can also read about What does the Voodoo Doll do in Phasmophobia on Pro Game Guides.

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