My Voice Easily Gets Fatigued When I Sing

Video my voice gets tired easily when i sing

The voice is a unique instrument as it is an integrated part of the human body. Unlike other instruments, such as clapping hands for percussion, singing engages the entire body. It involves various aspects, including body alignment, the respiratory system, the larynx, the vocal tract, and the brain. All these components work together in a highly coordinated manner, making singing a form of athletic performance.

Signs of Vocal Fatigue and How to Prevent It

If you’re wondering whether you’re experiencing vocal fatigue, or if you’re looking for ways to avoid an overused and tired singing voice, here are some key indicators to watch out for.

As singers, we can think of ourselves as vocal athletes and approach our training accordingly. Just like any muscle, the voice requires stamina when used for extended periods. Imagine a long-distance runner aiming to run 1500 meters. They wouldn’t begin by immediately attempting the full distance. Instead, they start with shorter distances, incorporating intervals of running and walking, progressively increasing both distance and speed. Similarly, building vocal stamina is a gradual process that requires consistent practice and step-by-step improvement.

The Two Main Causes of Vocal Fatigue

There are two primary reasons why your voice may tire easily:

1. Insufficient Scale Practice

If you haven’t been incorporating scale exercises into your routine, I strongly recommend starting with short bursts of practice. Begin with 10 to 15 minutes, five to six days a week, gradually increasing both the duration and intensity of your practice sessions. The more you challenge yourself and level up, the more vocal stamina you will develop. Regular practice is key!

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In addition, if you notice specific areas of your voice lacking stamina, focus on doing scales for those particular parts. For example, if your voice struggles with higher notes, warm up thoroughly and practice higher scales before attempting higher-pitched songs. This approach applies to all vocal registers and genres of singing.

2. Poor Singing Technique

Incorrect singing technique can strain and fatigue your voice. It involves forcing your voice to perform actions it is not naturally designed for or engaging incorrect muscle groups. Bad technique typically stems from two main issues:

  • Singing in a Key Unsuitable for Your Voice: Be mindful of the key you choose for your songs. Not every song is suitable for every voice type. Just as a bass singer like Tim Foust wouldn’t attempt to sing Ed Sheeran’s songs in the same keys, you should select keys that align with your vocal range.

  • Harmful Habits and Practices: We often develop harmful singing habits unconsciously. These can include lacking diaphragmatic support, exerting excessive pressure on the vocal folds, or using undesirable muscle groups. Optimal posture and articulation are also crucial. Understanding how your body works and its impact on your singing voice is essential for identifying and addressing these bad habits.

A solid foundation of good technique begins with proper breathing. Breathing originates from the diaphragm, which acts as a powerhouse for singers. It pumps air into your lungs and coordinates with your core muscles. It’s important to keep your neck relaxed and open your mouth adequately, allowing your voice to flow freely.

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Should you suspect any technique issues, I highly recommend seeking guidance from a reputable vocal coach. At 5 WS, we offer online singing lessons and have experienced teachers in Melbourne, Australia, who work with singers of all skill levels and genres. They are well-versed in solving various vocal problems and helping individuals reach their full potential.

I hope this information proves helpful to you. If you’re eager to learn more about your voice, feel free to get in touch with us through our various social media channels. As a token of our appreciation, if we select your question for a video response, you will win a free lesson with one of our fantastic teachers!

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