How to Express “A Little Bit” in Spanish

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Hello, fellow language enthusiasts! How are you all doing? Today, we’re going to dive into a crucial topic: how to say “a little bit” in Spanish. This phrase comes in handy all the time, especially if you only have a limited grasp of the language. So, let’s explore how to translate this phrase and understand its usage in different contexts. Whether it’s a little bit of this or a little bit of that, let’s get started!

“Un poco” or “un poquito”: Which One Should You Use?

You might be wondering about the difference between “un poco” and “un poquito.” Well, the distinction lies in the suffix “ito,” which signifies “little” in Spanish. So, while “un poquito” translates to “a little bit,” “un poco” means “a bit,” “a few,” or simply “a little.” Choosing between the two is not a big deal, really. Think of it this way: if you only know a few words, you would qualify as “un poquito” rather than “un poco,” right?

Let’s look at some examples to make it clearer!

  • Hola, Juan, ¿cómo estás?
  • Hola, Paula. Hoy estoy un poco triste (a little sad) porque mi perro murió.
  • No lo puedo creer. ¿Estaba enfermo?
  • Sí, estaba un poco enfermo (a bit sick, a little sickly). Últimamente comía muy poquito (very little) y casi no se movía.
  • Lo siento mucho, Juan. Poco a poco (little by little), vas a superarlo. No te preocupes.
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Understanding the Difference between “Poco” and “Pequeño”

Ah, now here’s a great question! It’s quite common for students to mix up these two words since both can be translated as “little.” However, let’s delve into what sets them apart.

The word “pequeño” is an adjective, which means you can change its gender and number (singular or plural). For example:

  • Mi auto es pequeño.
  • Mis hijos son pequeños.
  • Mi casa es pequeña.
  • Mis hijas son pequeñas.

We use “pequeño” to describe the size of a person or an object, as well as someone’s age. So, in the first and third examples, we can translate “pequeño” and “pequeña” as “small.” When talking about someone, like in the second or fourth example, you’re probably referring to the age of your children. But there are other scenarios, too. For instance:

“Mi abuela se volvió más pequeña con los años” (My grandmother got smaller over the years). Here, you’re not talking about age, but about the size of your cute little grandmother. Do you see?

On the other hand, “poco” also functions as an adjective when modifying nouns. For example:

  • Hay poca luz. No podemos tomar la foto. (There’s low light. We can’t take the picture.)

Now, let’s see what happens when you add “un (poco) de” to a noun:

  • Tengo un poco de sueño. (I’m a bit sleepy.)
  • Tengo un poco de alegría. (I have a little bit of joy.)

“Sueño” is masculine, while “alegría” is feminine. Nevertheless, whenever you use the construction “un poco de,” it never changes the gender of the word “poco.”

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You can also use “poco” to talk about amounts of actions or to measure action. For example:

  • Él es muy callado, habla muy poco. (He’s very quiet. He doesn’t speak much.)

In this case, “poco” works as an adverb. Therefore, it remains masculine and singular, regardless of gender or number.

Summing It Up

So, to recap: “poco” refers to amount, while “pequeño” denotes size or age. With “pequeño,” pay attention to gender and number, as it can vary. With “poco,” observe what the word is modifying to determine whether any changes are necessary.

If you’d like to learn a little more Spanish, feel free to contact us and schedule a trial lesson, either online or in-person in Buenos Aires!

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