How to Maximize Your Spell Potential in Elden Ring

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Memory Slots – also known as Spell Slots – are essential for storing and utilizing your magical abilities. Starting with only two Memory Slots, you may find yourself wanting to expand your repertoire of spells. In this article, we will explore how to increase your Memory Slots and make the most of your magical potential in the captivating world of Elden Ring.

Expanding Your Memory Slots

Increasing your Memory Slots is no walk in the park. The advantages of having more slots are undeniable, but the item you need to achieve this enhancement is incredibly rare and can only be found in specific locations.

In total, you can increase your slots by up to 8, granting you a generous total of 10 Memory Slots. However, there is another item that can push this limit even further, allowing you to hold a remarkable 12 spells.

To obtain additional slots, you must seek out small Memory Stones scattered across the vast expanse of the Lands Between.

Uncovering Memory Stone Locations in Elden Ring

There are several methods for acquiring Memory Stones in Elden Ring. You can defeat certain bosses, discover them in chests, or even purchase them. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that the quantity of Memory Stones available is limited, preventing you from stockpiling these valuable resources.

Notably, two bosses drop Memory Stones after their defeat. These bosses are the formidable Red Wolf of Radagon, located at Raya Lucaria Academy, and the enigmatic Demi-Human Queen Maggie, found at the Hermit Village. Each boss drops a single Memory Stone.

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Additionally, you may opt to purchase a Memory Stone from the Twin Maiden Husks. Unfortunately, they only sell one stone, and once it’s sold, they will never restock. Head over to Roundtable Hold and exchange 3,000 Runes for this precious item.

Another method involves discovering Memory Stones within various chests located in towering structures. Unlocking these towers and exploring their depths is a prerequisite. Once you’ve fulfilled the requirements, you can ascend the tower and collect the memory stones situated within. These towers include Oridys’s Rise, Converted Tower, Testu’s Rise, Seluvis’s Rise, and Lenne’s Rise.

Furthermore, there is an alternative way to increase your total Memory Slots without relying on Memory Stones. It is worth noting that these stones do not require equipping. Simply by adding them to your inventory, your Memory Slots will automatically expand.

Obtaining the Moon of Nokstella

But why stop at 10 or even 12 Memory Slots when there is an opportunity to unlock further potential? By acquiring the Moon of Nokstella, you can elevate your Memory Slots to a grand total of 12.

To obtain this extraordinary item, journey to the Nokstella, Eternal City. Upon arriving at the Site of Grace, make your way up the stairs. During your ascent, be careful to dodge the looming boulder. Once at the top of the stairs, turn right and enter the adjacent area.

Inside this room, you’ll encounter two Mimic Tears and a few other enemies. Choose to either face them in combat or evade their grasp. Regardless, your ultimate goal lies beneath the throne. Open the chest and collect the Moon of Nokstella, a crucial item that must be equipped in order to expand your Memory Slots by an additional two.

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In Conclusion

Now armed with the knowledge of how to increase your Memory Slots and acquire additional spells, you are ready to unleash the full potential of your magical abilities in Elden Ring. By gathering all eight Memory Stones and obtaining the Moon of Nokstella, you can maximize your spellcasting prowess.

Having a broader array of spells at your disposal will empower you to conquer challenging bosses and enemies, propelling you further through the game. So, go forth, gather these invaluable items, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Elden Ring.

Have you managed to acquire all eight Memory Stones and the Moon of Nokstella? Share your thoughts and favorite spells from Elden Ring in the comments below.

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