How to Acquire Lubrae’s Ruin in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 enthusiasts are eagerly seeking the legendary Lubrae’s Ruin, an exclusive item obtainable as a reward from a specific encounter in the renowned Vow of the Disciple raid. As the only other variant of its kind in the game, this glaive is expected to be highly sought after. However, players can only obtain this weapon if they have already conquered the final boss. Lubrae’s Ruin has a chance to drop once during the VoD raid, unlike other weapons such as the ‘Deliverance’ Kinetic Fusion Rifle that can drop two or three times. It’s important to note that this weapon cannot be farmed conventionally. Instead, players can acquire rolls of Lubrae’s Ruin from the final box in the Void of Despair by using ‘Spoils of Conquest,’ which are obtained by completing raid encounters and opening secret chests within the raids. It requires a stroke of luck for Lubrae’s Ruin to drop from the last raid encounter, making it available for purchase or to be found in secret chests.

Compared to the only other legendary glaive available in Destiny 2, Lubrae’s Ruin possesses exclusive glaive qualities that its rival, the legendary ‘Enigma’ glaive, lacks. Additionally, Lubrae’s Ruin is a solar glaive, making it particularly effective against Solar shielded foes and in Nightfall activities and Lost Sectors with the Match Game modifier. One of its unique characteristics is the ability to roll with the exclusive glaive trait called “Immovable Object.” This trait grants players extra weapon energy when they stand still and raise their shields, allowing them to block enemy projectiles indefinitely as long as they remain stationary.

The God Roll for Lubrae’s Ruin in Destiny 2

For players aiming to optimize their Lubrae’s Ruin, here is the recommended God Roll:

  • Glaive Haft: Lightweight Emitter.
  • Magazine: Light Mag, Swap Mag, or Alloy Mag.
  • Trait 1: Grave Robber or Immovable Object.
  • Trait 2: Vorpal Weapon, Swashbuckler, or Surrounded.
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Furthermore, Destiny 2 now offers an enhanced crafting system to assemble Lubrae’s Ruin. Once players have successfully acquired the weapon’s blueprint five times, they can craft Lubrae’s Ruin at the crafting table. To unlock the ability to craft weapons with Deep Sight Reconnaissance, players must obtain the ability through drops from weapons that already possess it. Fortunately, a raid weapon equipped with Deep Sight Reconnaissance can be acquired from the raid’s final chest for twenty Spoils of Conquest each week.


Does Swashbuckler enhance glaive melee attacks?

No, damage-enhancing perks like Rampage and Swashbuckler only apply to ranged weapon attacks. Although you are physically striking enemies with the glaive, it is considered a melee attack rather than a weapon attack. Therefore, Swashbuckler does not affect glaive melee damage or count as elemental damage.

Does Grave Robber work with the Glaive?

Combining Grave Robber with Frenzy proves to be a potent combination as it allows you to reload your Glaive after every successful melee attack. Moreover, it provides noticeable improvements in handling, reload speed, and damage.

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