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Breathing Styles are a crucial ability for Demon Slayers in Project Slayers. With nine distinct breathing styles, each offering unique moves and advantages, it’s important to understand which ones stand out from the rest. In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth analysis of the Project Slayers Breathing Tier List to help you choose the best breathing style for your Demon Slayer journey.

Understanding the Tier List

The breathing techniques in Project Slayers have been carefully ranked from S-Tier to C-Tier, with S-Tier representing the most powerful techniques and C-Tier featuring the least effective ones. The game includes a variety of breathing techniques such as Water, Thunder, Insect, and Wind.

Let’s take a closer look at the rankings:

S-Tier Breathing Styles

Wind Breathing, Mist Breathing, Snow Breathing, and Sound Breathing have been rated as the top-tier breathing styles. These techniques offer exceptional power and are highly recommended for Demon Slayers looking to dominate their foes.

A-Tier Breathing Styles

Water Breathing, Thunder Breathing, Beast Breathing, and Flame Breathing have been classified as A-Tier breathing styles. While not as potent as S-Tier styles, these techniques still outperform the majority of others in the game.

B-Tier Breathing Style

Insect Breathing falls into the B-Tier category. While it may not be the most impressive breathing style, it still performs adequately in battle.

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Now that we have a clear understanding of the tier list, let’s delve into the detailed breakdown of each breathing style in Project Slayers:

Flame Breathing

Flame Breathing, used by Kyojuro Rengoku, focuses on offense with its powerful singular slashes and Burn Effects. This breathing style imitates fire, delivering destructive and swift slashes. Choosing Flame Breathing as your style requires reaching level 75 and obtaining it from the Flame Trainer in Wop City for 10K Wen and 150 Demon Horns.

  1. Rising Scorching Sun
  2. Unknowing Fire
  3. Blooming Undulation
  4. Blazing Universe
  5. Flaming Tiger
  6. Purgatory/Rengoku

Mist Breathing

Mist Breathing is a style that utilizes mist to blur your opponent’s vision. With fast sword slashes and concealed movements, the Mist Breathing technique aims to confuse and overpower adversaries. To acquire Mist Breathing, reach at least level 75, gather 150 Demon Horns and 10K Wen, and speak to the NPC with white hair and a beard in Map 2.

  1. Cloud and Haze
  2. Eight Layered Mist
  3. Distant Haze
  4. Shifting Flow Slash
  5. Lunar Dispersing Mist
  6. Obscuring Clouds

Snow Breathing

As the name suggests, Snow Breathing imitates the patterns and coldness associated with snow. This technique replicates the movements and abilities of actual snow, resulting in quick swings, jabs, and strikes. Snow Breathing’s swift AoEs and Cryokinetic attacks make it a favorite among players.

  1. Layered Frost
  2. Frost Path
  3. Frozen Desert
  4. Frost Gnaw
  5. Illusory Storm
  6. Snowtide Vortex

Sound Breathing

Sound Breathing mimics the disoriented and louder nature of sound, resulting in explosive damage rather than passive effects. This breathing technique excels in fast and lethal movements, making it highly effective in battle.

  1. Bursting Bloom
  2. Roar
  3. Resounding Slashes
  4. Explosive Impact
  5. Smoke Screen
  6. String Performance
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A-Tier Breathing Styles

The breathing styles that earned an A-Tier rating in the tier list perform better than average, making them solid choices for Demon Slayers.

Beast Breathing

Used by Inosuke, Beast Breathing copies the unpredictable and ferocious nature of wild animals. It features combo extenders that are difficult to dodge and predict, making it an excellent choice for fast and erratic movements.

  1. Pierce
  2. Crazy Cutting
  3. Bending Slash
  4. Throwing Strike
  5. Devouring Slash
  6. Devouring Rush

Water Breathing

Water Breathing is a protective technique that imitates the flow of water when additional velocity is added. This style boasts multi-hit attacks and knockback abilities.

  1. Water Surface Slash
  2. Water Wheel
  3. Water Serpent
  4. Drop Ripple Thrust
  5. Waterfall Basin
  6. Constant Flux

Wind Breathing

Wind Breathing generates strong wind gusts that are both damaging and far-reaching. While it focuses primarily on offense, it also offers good potential for combinations.

  1. Purifying Wind
  2. Dust Whirlwind Cutter
  3. Clean Storm Wind Tree
  4. Black Wind Mountain Mist
  5. Cold Mountain Wind
  6. Idaten Typhoon

Thunder Breathing

Thunder Breathing directs nutrients and oxygen toward the user’s legs, allowing for incredible speed and striking power. Attacks occur so rapidly that the air vibrates and emits thunder-like cracks.

  1. Thunderclap and flash
  2. Heat Lighting
  3. Rapid Slashes
  4. Thunder Rain
  5. Rice Spirit
  6. Thunderclap and flash Sixfold

B-Tier Breathing Style

Insect Breathing, developed by Shinobu Kocho, emphasizes high-speed thrust assaults that puncture adversaries. It imitates the penetrating and venomous nature of insects, inflicting precise and lethal strikes.

  1. Jawbreaker
  2. Dance of the Bee Sting
  3. Dance of the Dragonfly
  4. Dance of the Centipede
  5. Mantis Kick
  6. Butterfly Dance
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These breathing styles have been thoroughly analyzed and ranked based on their effectiveness in different scenarios. Choose your breathing technique wisely, considering your play style and preferences.

For more information on Project Slayers and its breathing techniques, visit the 5 WS website.

Patch Update Changes

Update 1.5 brought some important changes to Project Slayers’ breathing techniques. Here are the latest updates:

  • The introduction of “Sound Breathing” as a new breathing style.
  • The inclusion of a fan-made breathing style, “Snow Breathing,” for the first time.

Stay up to date with the latest patches to make informed decisions about your breathing style in Project Slayers.

How We Create the Tier List

Our Project Slayers Breathing Tier List is the result of extensive gameplay hours and online research. We thoroughly analyzed each breathing technique’s performance in various combat scenarios to determine their ranking. The goal of the tier list is to provide valuable insights into the breathing methods and moves that set certain characters apart from others.

Based on your play style and preferences, you can choose the breathing techniques that suit you best. The top-tier list will serve as a helpful tool in making your selection.

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  • Added New Breathing Styles
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