How to Create a Positive Morning Routine for 3rd Graders

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third grade morning routine

How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day. By implementing a positive, engaging, and enjoyable morning routine, you can ensure that your 3rd-grade classroom is filled with happy and engaged students. In this article, we will explore a step-by-step guide to creating a well-formed morning routine that is both academic and social.

Walk-In Procedure

When your students arrive at school, it’s important to have a structured routine in place. Here’s a simple walk-in procedure:

  1. Check their folders: Before entering the classroom, students should check their folders for any assignments or important documents to turn in.
  2. Put their folders away: Students should then place their folders in their designated cubbies.
  3. Check-In: Create a laminated sheet with your students’ names and add a spelling word at the top. Students are to write that spelling word in the column that matches their lunch choice.
  4. Bathroom break: Allow students to use the bathroom if needed.
  5. Morning tubs: Finally, students can head to the morning tubs area to engage in creative and exploratory activities.

Why this way?

The folder check before entering the classroom ensures that students don’t forget any important assignments. You can even make it fun by putting up a picture of a folder outside the door and having students high-five it after checking their own folders.

Using the spelling word for check-in provides additional academic practice and helps reinforce their spelling skills.

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a third grade morning routine

Morning Tubs

Morning tubs are a fantastic way to start the day with creativity, exploration, imagination, and socialization. Here’s how to implement morning tubs in your classroom:

  • Tub Selection: Provide a minimum of 6 morning tub choices for students to choose from.
  • Open Creativity: Encourage students to choose a tub and explore the contents without any specific tasks or rules.
  • Sharing Tubs: If another student enters the classroom, they can join a tub that is already being used or grab their own tub.

The Benefits

Morning tubs offer numerous advantages for your students:

  • Socialization: Students have the opportunity to socialize and connect with their peers, which reduces excessive talking during class time.
  • Positive Start: Starting the day with morning tubs creates a positive and joyful atmosphere, as students eagerly engage with the activities.
  • Creative Expression: Morning tubs allow students to tap into their creativity, imagination, and personal interests.

What do I put in the tubs?

In upper elementary, you can provide various options to cater to your students’ preferences. Here are some ideas:

  • Math Manipulatives: Use math items like shapes, cubes, fraction sticks, etc., to encourage building and creative exploration.
  • Cards: Include decks of cards for students to create or play different card games.
  • Recycled Materials: Use recycled paper and other materials such as bottle caps to spark creativity.
  • Art Supplies: Stock up on art supplies to inspire artistic expression.
  • Board Games: Ask for donations of old board games from students’ parents to provide additional choices.
  • Get Creative: Keep an eye out for items you might otherwise throw away, as they may have potential for morning tub activities.
  • Amazon Suggestions: Visit my Amazon store for more suggestions on morning tub materials.
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a third grade morning routine

Writing Notebook

To further enhance morning engagement, consider incorporating writing practice into your routine. Here’s how you can incorporate writing notebooks:

  • Timing: Once the bell rings, instruct students to clean up and retrieve their writing journals.
  • Writing Prompt: Provide a daily writing prompt, either by using resources like Erin Waters’ prompts or by creating your own.
  • Teacher Interaction: Take the opportunity to read students’ writing and have brief conversations with them using a flair pen. Choose two students each day for a writing mini-lesson.
  • Morning Meeting Interaction: While waiting for others to finish, encourage students to discuss the question of the day with their peers at the carpet.

The Benefits

Incorporating writing notebooks into your morning routine offers several benefits:

  • Daily Practice: Students engage in daily writing practice, improving their writing skills over time.
  • Mini Lessons: You have the opportunity to provide quick mini-lessons based on individual students’ writing.
  • Preparation Time: This allows you a brief period to organize yourself for the day ahead, ensuring a positive start.

a third grade morning routine

Morning Meeting

A morning meeting is a valuable addition to your routine that helps create a positive classroom culture. Here’s what you can include in your morning meeting:

  • Question of the Day: Students engage in discussions about the question of the day while you finish checking their writing.
  • Sharing Answers: Select a few students to share the responses of their peers, promoting active listening and connection.
  • Quick Game or Activity: Kick off the day with a fun team-building activity. You can repeat activities for familiarity.
  • Review the Day: Go over the daily calendar and discuss the goals for the day.
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The Benefits

Morning meetings offer several advantages for your classroom:

  • Promotes Classroom Culture: Morning meetings emphasize the importance of a supportive and connected classroom community.
  • Starts with Connection: By engaging in discussions and activities, students build bonds and start the day with positivity.
  • Encourages Laughter and Connection: Morning meetings provide opportunities for students to laugh and joke together.
  • Creates a Sense of Security: Morning meetings help students feel secure and prepared for the day ahead.

Training for this Model

Implementing a successful morning routine requires training and practice. Here’s how you can train your students:

  • Step-by-Step Training: Introduce and practice one section of the routine each day, allowing students to demonstrate good and bad examples. Discuss what went well and areas for improvement.
  • Gradual Addition: Each day, review the established routine before adding a new section. This gradual approach ensures a smooth and well-executed routine throughout the year.

Remember, a positive morning routine is essential for a successful day in the classroom. By following these steps and providing engaging activities, you can create a joyful and productive learning environment for your 3rd graders.

a third grade morning routine

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