How to Choose the Right THC Dosage in Gummy Bears

Colourful weed gummies flying out of two bowls

Cannabis edibles have come a long way since the unpredictable days of homemade space cookies. Thanks to legalization in Canada, we now have access to precisely dosed gummy bears that offer a consistent and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re new to edibles or just overwhelmed by the options, here’s a guide to help you navigate the world of THC gummies.

What to Look for in THC Gummies

The most common types of cannabinoids found in Canada’s edibles market are THC and CBD. THC provides the euphoric effects associated with getting high, while CBD offers relaxation and anti-inflammatory benefits. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can choose THC-only gummies, balanced formulations with both THC and CBD, or CBD-only options.

“The THC-dominant ones will give you a high and a euphoric feeling,” explains Lindsay Lebel, former manager of learning at Superette, an indie cannabis chain in Ontario. “Balanced gummies offer a therapeutic experience with a milder high, and CBD gummies help you relax.”

Finding the Right Dosage

When it comes to edibles, it’s crucial to start with a low dosage and slowly increase if desired. In Canada, edibles are sold in individual packages with a maximum total THC dose of 10 mg and no limit on CBD. However, for most users, 10 mg of THC is quite potent. If you’re a beginner or haven’t used cannabis in a while, Lebel recommends starting with 1 to 3 mg.

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The package will indicate the amount of THC and/or CBD per unit, usually in milligrams. Pay attention to the actual size of the gummy as well, which is typically listed in grams. Keep in mind that edibles take longer to kick in (up to four hours) but also last longer (up to 12 hours), so it’s essential to be patient and avoid taking more too soon.

A screenshot of weed gummies and their product description from the Ontario Cannabis Store, OCS

Choosing the Right Gummies for You

Now that you understand the basics, let’s explore some recommended gummies to get you started. Here are a few options worth trying:

For Sleep

Dynathrive CBD Soft Chews: These CBD-only gummies offer relaxation without the high. Each pack contains 30 soft chews, making it suitable for daily use.

San Rafael ’71 Blaspberry Soft Chews: With a mild THC dosage of 2.5 mg per piece, these tangy berry chews are ideal for a good night’s sleep. Even Lindsay’s grandma is a fan!

For Candy Lovers

SOURZ by Spinach – Peach Orange 1:1: These tasty gummies combine the goodness of THC and CBD in a delicious package. Larger than typical gummies, they satisfy your candy cravings.

For a Short-But-Sweet Trip

Wana Quick Orchard Peach Sativa Gummies: Using a new water-soluble technology, these gummies provide a quick onset and offset experience. You’ll feel the buzz within 15 minutes, and it typically lasts around four hours.

For a Balanced Experience

Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 Sour Gummies by Wana: These balanced gummies contain equal parts THC and CBD, offering a smoother experience for beginners. They’re a popular choice for users who prefer a less intense high.

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For When You’re Ready to Go Big

Fly North Key Lime Pie Soft Chew: This juicy, 10 mg THC gummy offers a tropical escape for those special occasions. Just remember to enjoy responsibly!

Don’t forget to visit 5 WS for more informative articles. And always remember to store your edibles securely, out of reach of children and pets. Happy gummy bear adventures!

Originally published in 2021, updated in 2023.

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