How to Say “How Are You” in Japanese: 15 Phrases to Learn for Conversations

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Do you want to impress your Japanese friends or colleagues with some basic Japanese phrases? Then you’re in luck! Learning how to say “how are you?” in Japanese is a great way to start. In this article, we will explore various ways to express this common greeting, along with some useful insights to enhance your language skills.

Best Ways to Say “How Are You” in Japanese

Here are the top 15 phrases to add to your Japanese vocabulary:

1. お元気ですか? (o genki desu ka)

This is the most commonly used phrase to inquire about someone’s well-being in Japanese. It’s a formal and polite expression that literally translates to “how are you?”

How Are You In Japanese O Genki Desu Ka

2. 元気? (genki)

If you want a more casual way to ask “how are you?”, you can simply say “genki.” Although it lacks the question suffix か (ka), when pronounced with a questioning tone, it becomes a question.

3. 元気だった? (genki datta)

This phrase is in the past tense, so it actually means “how have you been?” instead of “how are you?”. It’s a more informal and casual way to inquire about someone’s well-being.

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4. 最近はどうですか? (saikin wa dou desu ka)

If you want to ask how someone has been lately, you can use this phrase. It indicates the recent past rather than the exact moment.

5. 最近どう? (saikin dou)

This phrase has the same meaning as the previous one, but without the formal ですか (desu ka) ending. Remember, the formal form includes “desu ka,” while the informal form omits it.

6. どうよ? (dou yo)

This super casual phrase is equivalent to “how’s it going?” in English. Adding よ (yo) expresses extra enthusiasm!

7. 気分はどうですか? (kibun wa dou desu ka)

Instead of asking about someone’s general well-being, this phrase focuses on their mood or emotional state. 気分 (kibun) means mood.

8. 気分どう? (kibun dou)

This is the casual form of the previous phrase, without the ですか (desu ka) ending.

9. 調子はどうですか? (choushi wa dou desu ka)

Use this phrase when there’s implied context, such as when asking about someone’s condition. For example, if your friend is sick, you can inquire about their well-being using this phrase.

10. どうしたんですか? (dou shitan desu ka)

If you sense that something is not right and want to ask “what is wrong?” in a negative situation, this phrase is suitable.

11. どうしたの? (dou shita no)

This is a more casual version of the previous phrase, carrying the same meaning.

12. 何事だ? (nanigoto da)

When you want to catch up with the latest news or find out what has been going on, this casual question is perfect. It translates to “what’s going on?”

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13. 今なにしてるの? (ima nani shiteruno)

Although this phrase doesn’t directly mean “how are you?”, it’s commonly used among friends to inquire about what someone is currently up to or what has been happening in their life.

14. 久しぶり! (hisashiburi)

While this phrase doesn’t specifically mean “how are you?”, it is often interpreted as “how have you been?” It’s a friendly way to greet someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

15. なにか面白いことあった? (nanika omoshiroi koto atta)

This casual phrase roughly translates to “what’s the good news?” or “anything interesting happen with you lately?”. It’s a great conversation starter with friends.

16. 元気かい? (genki kai)

If you’re looking for the most casual and friendly phrase to ask “how are you?”, you can use this one. It carries a similar meaning to “what’s up?” and is best reserved for close friends.

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Remember, the key to mastering any language is practice and consistency. So don’t hesitate to use these phrases in daily conversations with native Japanese speakers. Have fun and enjoy your journey to fluency!

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