You Who Came From The Star Episode 18: A Sweet and Hilarious Turn of Events

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In this episode of “You Who Came From The Star,” we are treated to a delightful mix of sweetness, heart-twisting moments, and random hilarity. The comedic elements not only provide laughs but also serve to strengthen the narrative and deepen character bonds. Despite the laughs, hints of foreboding set the stage for the challenges to come.

A Fantastic Episode

The episode begins with Song-yi frantically searching for Min-joon on their overnight getaway. Her panic subsides when Min-joon reveals that he has decided to stay with her. However, his visions of his own disappearance cast a shadow over their blissful moment. Despite the concern, Song-yi brushes it off and suggests they find a more suitable place to be alone together.

Song of the Day

The drama’s OST, “너의 집 앞” (In front of your house) by Kim Soo-hyun, perfectly captures the emotions of the episode.

Recap: Eighteenth Record

As Min-joon and Song-yi enter their vacation house, they playfully discuss sleeping arrangements. Song-yi insists on sharing a room, and a no-kissing rule is established. The lighthearted banter and adorable moments between them make for a memorable scene.

Meanwhile, Jae-kyung is confronted by his ex-wife and two investigators, orchestrated by Hwi-kyung. Jae-kyung feigns ignorance and tries to distance himself from the situation. Hwi-kyung confronts Jae-kyung, revealing that he no longer considers him a brother.

Back at the vacation house, Min-joon contemplates his time with Song-yi and realizes that it’s the people we spend our lives with that truly matter. The next morning, Song-yi wakes up to Min-joon smiling at her, and they playfully discuss his levitation powers. Although his powers falter, their lighthearted interactions bring joy to both of them.

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Doubts and Discoveries

In a moment of vulnerability, Min-joon reveals to Lawyer Jang that he has decided to stay with Song-yi. However, he chooses not to disclose his deteriorating powers to avoid worrying him.

Later, Min-joon tests his powers and finds that they are failing. Concerned, he tries to freeze time, but even that proves to be unreliable. Despite these challenges, he remains determined to be with Song-yi.

Family Drama Unfolds

Hwi-kyung faces his father’s wrath for exposing Jae-kyung’s actions. Their contentious conversation culminates in Hwi-kyung being disowned by his father. Meanwhile, the investigation into Jae-kyung’s wrongdoings reaches a standstill, with conflicting testimonies and evidence.

Unexpected Bonds

Seok, the detective, brings Jae-kyung’s ex-wife to his home for protection. Se-mi and her mother offer their support, unaware of the woman’s connection to Jae-kyung. Hwi-kyung visits the ex-wife, who reveals her suspicions about Jae-kyung’s true nature.

Romantic Setbacks

Song-yi and Min-joon head to Namsan Tower for a romantic date. However, Song-yi’s expectations are dashed when she witnesses another couple’s extravagant romantic gestures. Disheartened, she cuts their outing short.

Back at Song-yi’s home, she stumbles upon Min-joon’s journal and discovers his fears regarding his impending demise. Heartbroken, she realizes he lied about being able to stay with her.

Unfulfilled Proposals

In a series of comedic moments, Min-joon rehearses various ways to propose to Song-yi. Each attempt falls short of his expectations, leaving him uncertain about the best approach.


Despite doubts and setbacks, Min-joon remains determined to propose to Song-yi. He shops for an outfit, buys a ring, and practices his proposal.

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This episode of “You Who Came From The Star” combines heartwarming moments, comedic relief, and hints of impending tragedy. The relationships between the characters deepen, particularly the bromance between Yoon-jae and Min-joon. As the story progresses, the stakes continue to rise, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next episode.

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