Why Do I See a Green Dot in My Photos?

Video why is there a green dot in my pictures

Have you ever taken a breathtaking photo, only to discover a pesky green dot right in the middle of it? It can be frustrating, but fear not! There’s an easy way to remove that green spot from your iPhone photos.

In this article, I’ll delve into what the green spot is, how you can prevent it from appearing, and how to eliminate it from your existing photos. So let’s get started!

Green dot on iPhone photo

What Causes the Green Dot on My iPhone Photos?

More often than not, a green spot, haze, or flare appears when you capture a photo with a strong light source in the background. Whether it’s a stunning sunset, sunrise, or any scene with the sun or bright light in your field of view, you’re likely to encounter this annoying green spot, lens flare, or haze.

This issue arises due to the angle at which the light enters and reflects off the internal surfaces of your iPhone’s camera or lens cover. Rest assured, it’s not a defect specific to your iPhone. In fact, it’s a physics phenomenon that affects cameras of all sizes. Although, larger standalone DSLRs equipped with a UV filter or rotating polarizer may experience this problem to a lesser extent.

How Can I Prevent the Green Spot?

Knowing the cause of the green dot makes it easier to take preventive measures. Here are a couple of methods to mitigate or prevent the green spot altogether:

  • Adjust the Angle: Try moving your iPhone slightly so that the green dot aligns with the source of light. For instance, if you’re capturing a sunset, position the green dot right in the middle of the sun. This clever trick effectively makes the spot disappear without altering the photo’s composition significantly.

  • Lens Shielding: Another workaround involves using your hand or any object to shield the iPhone’s lens. However, this method might yield inconsistent results. But it’s good to keep in mind as an option.

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How Do I Remove the Green Spot from My iPhone Photos?

If you have photos in your Camera Roll that were affected by the green spot, fret not! You can effortlessly remove it. Several apps in the App Store offer this functionality, but one stands out as the best: Snapseed. It’s completely free and packed with useful photo editing tools, including the Healing feature, specifically designed for non-destructive removal of the green dot.

Here’s how you can utilize Snapseed to eliminate the green spot:

  1. Download Snapseed for free from the App Store.
  2. Launch the app and open the photo you want to retouch.
  3. Tap on TOOLS at the bottom and select the Healing option.

Healing tool in Snapseed

  1. Zoom in on the green spot by pinching the screen with your fingers.
  2. Once you’re close enough to the spot, use your finger to draw over it. As you lift your finger off the screen, witness Snapseed’s magic as it seamlessly removes the green spot, making it appear as if it was never there in the first place.

Remove the green spot from your iPhone photo

  1. Tap the checkmark at the bottom right corner of the screen to save your edits. Then, tap EXPORT to save the edited photo to your Camera Roll.

That’s it! Your photo will now be free of the green dot, ready to be showcased to the world.


Regrettably, the green spot in iPhone photos is a problem we may have to contend with for years to come. It’s a physics-related issue, after all. However, armed with the knowledge of its cause, you can easily make simple adjustments to your photography technique to prevent the green spot. And in the worst-case scenario, applications like Snapseed are available to touch up your photos and rid them of the green dot.

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Stay vigilant, keep shooting, and bid farewell to the green dot!

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