Why Does My Voice Sound Like a Chipmunk on Fortnite?

Video why is my voice sound like a chipmunk on fortnite

Lately, many users have reported encountering audio issues while using Skype and Microsoft Teams. Apparently, during calls, the recipients hear a constant high-pitched squeaking sound, reminiscent of the Chipmunks cartoon.

Pinpointing the exact cause of this problem can be challenging. Sometimes, the audio problem might be on the recipient’s end rather than yours. However, if the squeaking sound originates from your computer or device, then we need to explore potential solutions to fix it.

Audio Distorted and Sounding Funny, Similar to Chipmunks

Over the years, audio-related problems have plagued users, and the chipmunk-like distortion is one of them. Fortunately, solving this issue is relatively straightforward. Let’s take a closer look at the troubleshooting tips to help you if your audio sounds distorted and funny, resembling chipmunks while using Teams, Skype, and similar applications.

  1. Run the Speech Troubleshooter

Audio sounds funny and distorted like chipmunks

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Select Time & Language.
  • Click on the Speech tab.
  • Under the Microphone section, click on “Get Started.”
  • Allow the troubleshooter to run and resolve any issues it detects.
  1. Run the Audio Troubleshooters

The audio troubleshooters are effective in resolving various sound-related problems, including the one at hand. Follow these steps to run the appropriate troubleshooter:

  • To open the Playing Audio troubleshooter, use the following command in the Run box:
    %systemroot%system32msdt.exe -id AudioPlaybackDiagnostic
  • To open the Recording Audio troubleshooter, use the command:
    %systemroot%system32msdt.exe -id AudioRecordingDiagnostic
  1. Adjust Mic Settings

Additional Device Properties

To make crucial adjustments to your microphone, follow these steps:

  • Scroll down to the Input section.
  • Select Device Properties and click on Test Microphone > Additional Device Properties.
  • The classic audio window should now be displayed. Directly access the Advanced tab.
  • Under the Default Format section, change it to Studio Quality and click Apply > OK.
  • Restart your Windows 10 computer and test if the audio distortion issue persists during calls made via Skype and Microsoft Teams.
  1. Disable Audio Enhancements

The chipmunk-like sound issue may stem from audio enhancements enabled on your Windows 10 computer. Eliminate the problem by disabling audio enhancements and enhancing your audio experience.

  1. Update Your Audio Driver

Consider visiting your audio driver manufacturer’s website and checking for the latest driver version available for download. This approach might provide a permanent solution to your audio-related problems.

  1. Try Different Audio Formats

An alternative solution to fix the chipmunk sound problem is to use a different audio player or convert the file into a different audio format. VLC Media Player is a suitable option for this purpose.

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Based on our experience, this fix should work for anyone experiencing a squeaky sound problem.

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Sound Settings

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