Why is My Child Putting His Fingers in His Throat?

Before we delve into the details, let’s clarify a few things. If your toddler has been sticking their fingers down their throat, it’s likely one of those unpleasant behaviors often displayed by infants. However, it could also be a cry for help. It’s possible that the child may have swallowed something hard or large, which is now stuck in their throat. Or perhaps their throat is simply irritated. These are the primary reasons why infants engage in this behavior. In most cases, though, it’s usually just a result of their gross behavior — a desire for attention or simply something they feel like doing.

However, many parents, especially mothers, feel uneasy seeing their children engage in this behavior. It can even cause panic and distress. We understand how troubling it can be. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help parents understand why toddlers often stick their fingers down their throats.

Is it Normal for My Toddler to Engage in this Behavior?

Naturally, it’s normal for infants to stick their fingers down their throats. They may do it if they dislike something they’ve eaten or if they’re experiencing discomfort. Babies who are transitioning into toddlerhood often exhibit curiosity and a desire to explore themselves and their surroundings. Thus, this behavior falls under the umbrella of typical, albeit annoying, infant behaviors.

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While this behavior is normal for babies, it’s important to understand that it may not be healthy, as it can have implications. Babies are too young to comprehend the consequences of their actions. They learn from observing our reactions whether something is right or wrong. If sticking their fingers down their throat leads to attention from parents or caregivers, they may do it more frequently. They’re determined to explore any discovery to its fullest, even if it’s unpleasant for them.

What Causes Toddlers to Engage in this Behavior?

Sometimes, toddlers stick their fingers in their throats during mealtime. Urging them to eat more than necessary or feeding them something they don’t like can trigger their gag reflex. This reflex could be their way of seeking attention or rejecting something they’re discomforted by. In rare cases, it could be related to silent reflux, chronic nausea, food allergies, or other digestive and stomach disorders.

If a child discovers that sticking their fingers in their throat provides relief, they may continue the behavior. If not addressed properly, it can become a habit. It’s normal to feel worried and concerned about the gag reflex, as it can lead to more serious issues. Once a baby realizes that gagging attracts attention, they may exploit it. Hence, it’s essential to take measures to prevent this behavior from becoming a habit.

Another reason infants may stick their fingers down their throats is when they have something lodged in their throat. For example, they could have swallowed a toy or another object within their reach. When this happens, they’ll stick their fingers in their throats, trying to help themselves and making choking sounds. Babies have a habit of putting everything within their grasp into their mouths. That’s why it’s crucial to closely monitor them, especially once they start crawling. They can easily encounter dangerous situations, and you may not be aware enough to intervene.

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Are There Ways to Prevent Toddlers from Engaging in this Behavior?

Yes, there are methods to discourage this behavior, although it’s important to note that some infants are so smart and curious that they won’t rest until they’ve satisfied their curiosity. In such cases, responding with dramatic and loud behavior might not yield the best results. Instead, a calm and gentle approach is often more effective.

To discourage this behavior, you can ensure that you don’t overfeed your baby, identify the foods they dislike, and keep their hands occupied with safe toys and other objects. Additionally, try not to react to their coughing with excessive panic, as it can intensify their sensations and encourage them to continue. Spanking is not the best disciplinary action, as toddlers may not even understand why they’re being spanked in the first place.

Another approach is to guide their hand movements. This doesn’t mean being overly controlling, but rather redirecting their hands or encouraging activities that keep their hands busy, such as clapping. The goal is to gently keep their hands away from their mouths. Remember, how you handle this behavior can make or break your success in helping them overcome this habit. Forcing the issue may harm the child and cause distress, leading to vomiting or further crying.

When purchasing toys for your child, avoid those that are small enough to fit into their mouths, as many babies tend to swallow their toys, leading to choking incidents and further attempts to stick their fingers down their throats. It’s also crucial to keep any small objects out of your baby’s reach, as they are prone to putting everything they find into their mouths.

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We can’t completely stop infants from doing whatever they want, but we can help control the situation with our superior understanding as adults. As a parent or caregiver, always keep a close eye on the babies under your care, as things can happen swiftly with them. When it comes to toddlers sticking their fingers down their throats, it’s clear that there are various reasons behind this behavior, some harmless and others potentially dangerous. If you observe this behavior in your child, it’s crucial to determine the underlying cause and seek medical advice if necessary.

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