Why Is My Ooze Charger Blinking Red And Green

Ooze pens are incredibly popular and reliable e-cigarette brands. They are known for their simplicity and intuitive operation. However, there may come a time when you notice the green light on your Ooze pen starts blinking. Naturally, you’ll want to figure out what’s happening. In this article, we will help you decode the blinking light and understand the underlying issue causing it.

Understanding the Normal Functions of an Ooze Pen

Before we delve into the reasons why your Ooze pen might be blinking, let’s first establish what a properly functioning pen should do. The green light on an Ooze pen serves to communicate various messages during normal operation.

To turn on the pen, you need to click the button rapidly five times within two seconds. Five more clicks will turn it off. If you want to adjust the temperature, three clicks are required. Two clicks activate the preheat mode, preparing it for use. Each click illuminates the green light once. So, if you press the button and notice a single blink of the light, everything is working as expected.

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Common Causes of a Blinking Green Light on an Ooze Pen

If your Ooze pen’s light is blinking without you pressing the button, it indicates a problem. The number of blinks provides valuable information about the underlying issue. Let’s explore the three most common causes.

1. Light blinks 10-15 times – the pen is out of battery

When your Ooze pen blinks between 10 and 15 times, it means that the battery is drained and needs to be charged. Simply connect it to the charger, and the pen’s light will turn green while the charger’s light will turn red. It takes about one to two hours for the pen to charge fully. Once the pen is fully charged, its light will turn off, and the charger’s light will turn green, indicating that the pen is ready for use again.

2. Light blinks 4-5 times – there is a connection issue

A blinking light on your Ooze pen, accompanied by 4-5 blinks, suggests a connection issue. There can be two main reasons for this.

  • Leaking cartridge: If the cartridge leaks and the liquid comes into contact with the battery, it can disrupt the connection and hinder the pen’s functionality. To fix this, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to carefully clean both the inside of the pen and the battery’s connection point. Allow them to dry completely before reassembling. It’s also advisable to replace the cartridge to avoid recurrence.

  • Irregular cartridge or deformed coil: If there are no visible leaks, an irregular cartridge or a deformed coil could be causing the problem. Try tightening or loosening the cartridge until you find the position that establishes a proper connection. If this doesn’t work, it might be a compatibility issue between the cartridge brand and your pen. Consider buying a different brand. To test the coil, swap it with a known working cartridge. If the pen works with the replacement cartridge, it means there’s an issue with the coil. Return the faulty cartridge to the seller for a replacement.

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3. The battery is permanently damaged

If none of the above situations explain the blinking light, the battery might be permanently damaged. In such cases, you’ll need to purchase a new battery. However, if your battery is a genuine Ooze product and you’ve had it for less than five years, you may qualify for a free replacement under the warranty.

Other Possible Reasons for a Blinking Light on an Ooze Pen

The battery or pen is fake

If your battery or pen is counterfeit, it may cause blinking issues. Ensure the authenticity of your Ooze product, especially if you didn’t buy it from an authorized vendor. Look for specific signs, such as the smart charger lighting up red during charging and turning green when fully charged. Additionally, the battery should light up green when charging and turn off when fully charged. Check for distinctive grooves on the USB charger, a high-quality finish on the pen, a metal casing, a horizontal dial line, and an authentication code above the dial line. Keep in mind that genuine Ooze products typically cost around $20, so if you paid significantly less, it may indicate a counterfeit item. Unfortunately, if you discover you have a fake pen or battery, the best course of action is to discard it and purchase a genuine one.

3 blinks – short circuit

A quick three blinks indicate a short circuit in the pen.

20 blinks – full charge

When the pen reaches full charge, it may blink 20 times to indicate that it is ready for use.

Blinking after charging – battery not screwed in correctly

If the light continues to blink after charging, it signifies that the battery is not properly screwed in. Ensure the battery is securely attached, and the blinking should cease.

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Tips for Dealing with a Blinking Green Light on an Ooze Pen

Here are a few helpful tips to navigate through the issues associated with a blinking green light on your Ooze pen:

  • Buy Res Wipes: To quickly clean up residue from leaking cartridges, consider purchasing Ooze’s specially designed Res Wipes. These wipes effectively remove resin and wax, ensuring your pen is back in working order without delay. They even feature scrubber dots on one side for enhanced cleaning.

  • Take a cart with a damaged coil back to the shop: If you experience a damaged coil, many vendors are understanding and will replace the faulty cartridge free of charge. It’s always worth asking for a replacement.

  • Only buy from registered sellers: Make sure you purchase your Ooze pens and batteries exclusively from authorized vendors. Buying from unregistered sellers increases the risk of purchasing counterfeit products. Counterfeit items may overheat or break, and you won’t be covered by the 5-year warranty provided for genuine Ooze products.

Various Possibilities for Your Blinking Green Light

As you can see, there are multiple potential causes for a blinking green light on an Ooze pen, and most of them are normal and easily fixable. Understanding the number of blinks will guide you in identifying the problem. By systematically troubleshooting each possibility, you can determine what’s triggering the blinking and resolve the issue effectively.

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