The Enigma of Ben’s Return to Days of Our Lives

Ben Weston, a character on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, has been striving for a fresh start in Salem. However, some newer fans might be wondering who this attractive man is and why he seems to garner so much disapproval. Fear not! We’re here to shed light on his background and the challenges he has faced in seeking redemption (which may have something to do with those unfortunate incidents where lives were taken).

The Face Behind Ben

Ben’s journey began in February 2014, portrayed by Justin Gaston. However, Robert Scott Wilson took over the role in April of the same year. Prior to his DAYS debut, Wilson made waves as the first male model on THE PRICE IS RIGHT. He also portrayed Peter Cortland in the online revival of ABC soap ALL MY CHILDREN. Although the character was initially written off in 2015, Wilson has made intermittent appearances and ultimately returned full-time in 2018. Unfortunately, in July 2022, Ben bid farewell to the soap once again, with the actor returning to the canvas in a new role.

Unraveling Ben’s Past

Upon his arrival in Salem, Ben found himself captivated by Abigail Deveraux. He became her pillar of support following the murder of her cousin, Nick. Despite attempts to keep them apart by exposing Abigail’s controversial history, Ben reassured her that it didn’t matter. However, when Chad DiMera mentioned his romantic involvement with both Abigail and Ben’s sister, Jordan Ridgeway, Ben lost control and physically attacked Chad.

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Although Abigail managed to persuade Chad to drop the assault charges, Ben’s legal troubles persisted due to his past involvement with a gambling ring in Florida. Fortunately, his father, Clyde, with his connections in the underworld, orchestrated the demise of the club manager before he could testify against Ben.

The Dark Reality: Ben’s Deadly Actions

While resuming his romance with Abigail, Ben developed an unhealthy jealousy and discovered that she had been intimate with Chad. Believing that Abigail ultimately chose him, Ben proposed and was overjoyed to learn of her pregnancy. As suspicion fell on Chad for the murders of Serena Mason and Paige Larson, it was revealed that the true culprit was none other than Ben himself, known as the Necktie Killer.

When Will Horton stumbled upon Ben’s secret, Ben was forced to silence him by strangling him. An ensuing confrontation with Chad led Ben to brutally beat his rival into a coma, justifying his actions as self-defense. To shield Abigail from Chad’s influence, Ben took her to an isolated cabin where she went into labor. Unfortunately, Ben’s protective instincts took a dark turn as he killed the midwife and buried her in the woods. Moments before Abigail and Chad met a fiery demise, Chad rescued them, while Ben fled with the baby.

Ben’s Escape and Redemption

Following his capture, Ben returned to Salem with shocking news during Chad and Abigail’s double wedding: Will was alive! However, Will’s return came with amnesia, and Sami believed that recreating Ben’s murder of Will could trigger his memories. Unsurprisingly, the plan failed, and Ben was once again incarcerated.

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But then, a clean bill of health secured Ben’s release, and despite initial doubts about his true transformation, he crossed paths with Ciara Brady, who had suffered a motorcycle accident. Ben nursed her back to health in an abandoned cabin. Though initially fearful, Ciara gradually believed in Ben’s transformation. She even defended him when suspicion arose after a fire broke out in the cabin. As Ben and Ciara grew closer, Hope Brady grew more determined to shield her daughter from potential danger.

Despite reservations, Ben took a job at the DiMera mansion and, unable to resist their feelings, he and Ciara embarked on an official relationship. Ben’s estranged sister, Jordan, returned to Salem and, fearing for her brother’s dark past, kidnapped Ciara and attempted to burn her alive. Jordan was subsequently diagnosed with a psychotic break and sent away for treatment. Additionally, Claire Brady orchestrated a scheme to frame Ben for a series of crimes but was exposed and committed to a mental hospital.

Ben’s Trials and Triumphs

Jordan resurfaced, having received medical clearance, but resumed her devious ways, attempting to poison Ciara and inflicting harm on Rafe. Following a one-year time jump, Ben found himself imprisoned for Jordan’s murder. Desperate to free her beloved, Ciara discovered evidence that could exonerate Ben. Yet, the judge initially sentenced him to death by lethal injection. With assistance from his father, Ben ultimately managed a daring escape, but his freedom was short-lived as Rafe recaptured him, returning him to prison to face his impending execution. In a race against time, Ciara learned the identity of Jordan’s true killer, Christian Maddox, now going by Evan Frears. She urgently intervened to halt Ben’s execution.

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Now a free man, Ben secured work at a garage alongside Jake Lambert, who bore a striking resemblance to Stefan DiMera. Ben also proposed to Ciara, but as their wedding approached, suspicions arose regarding Claire’s sudden reform. Tragically, their wedding day took a devastating turn when an explosive device wreaked havoc at the church moments after Ben and Ciara exchanged vows.

Furthermore, Ben fell into the clutches of Eve Donovan, seeking revenge. She attempted to brainwash him into reverting to his former self, a serial killer. Her sinister plan aimed to make him murder Ciara, forcing him to experience the pain of losing a loved one. Luckily, Ben resisted her manipulations. However, in an unexpected twist, Vincent, one of Eve’s accomplices seeking his own vendetta against Ben, abducted Ciara. When Vincent claimed to have shot Ciara and left her to perish in a car explosion, Ben’s desire for revenge intensified.

Ben’s Relentless Pursuit of Ciara

Refusing to accept Ciara’s loss, Ben received a glimmer of hope when Susan Banks insisted she had a vision confirming Ciara’s survival. Determined, Ben embarked on a mission to free her from her captors. Tragically, the building where Ciara was held hostage was destroyed before Ben could reach her. However, he miraculously pulled her from the ruins. Devastatingly, Ciara had lost her memories of their love and still viewed Ben as a dangerous killer. Despite Ben’s desperate efforts to rekindle her memories, he found solace in a growing connection with Claire Brady, culminating in a passionate kiss. Undeterred, Ben refused to sign divorce papers, leading Ciara to annul their marriage and become engaged to Theo Carver. Fueled by love, Ben orchestrated a bold move to kidnap Ciara from her wedding, finally reigniting her lost memories.

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Ben’s Journey Beyond

Though overjoyed to be reunited, Ben remained hesitant when Ciara expressed a desire to start a family. He feared passing down his own mental illness to their child. Eventually, taking Marlena Evans’ advice, Ben contributed to Ciara’s pregnancy. Unbeknownst to him, the advice came from an unwittingly possessed Marlena with wicked intentions for their unborn baby. Meanwhile, as the devil ran rampant in Salem, Ben settled into a new apartment with Ciara and reluctantly offered Clyde a place to stay as a condition of his parole.

When the devil manipulated Ciara into believing Ben had perished, he miraculously reunited with her just in time to rescue their newborn son, whom they named Bo. As Ben and Ciara received a boat from Hope, they made the decision to depart Salem and embark on a globetrotting adventure, reminiscent of her parents’ travels in years past.

Stay tuned to witness what lies ahead for Ben’s future!

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