Why the Los Angeles Dodgers Scrapped the Julio Urias Bobblehead Night

The Los Angeles Dodgers had big plans for the upcoming bobblehead night to honor their troubled starting pitcher, Julio Urias. However, due to recent events, the team has made the difficult decision to cancel the event. Let’s delve into the details and understand why the Dodgers opted to scrap the Julio Urias bobblehead night.

A Troubling Situation

Julio Urias, a talented pitcher for the Dodgers, was recently placed on administrative leave by Major League Baseball (MLB) after being arrested for felony domestic violence. This incident, which took place in downtown LA, sent shockwaves through the baseball community and cast a dark cloud over Urias’ career.

A Missed Opportunity

Prior to his arrest, the Dodgers had planned to distribute tens of thousands of bobbleheads featuring Julio Urias. The promotion was scheduled to take place during the team’s September 21 match against their in-state rivals, the San Francisco Giants. This event aimed to honor Urias’ participation in the World Baseball Classic last offseason. Each bobblehead would have showcased Urias in his pitching motion, proudly wearing a Mexico jersey uniform.

Change of Plans

In light of the recent developments, the Dodgers decided to replace the Julio Urias bobbleheads with a giveaway of select premium bobbleheads to the first 30,000 fans in attendance. The team made this announcement via X, ensuring that their loyal supporters would still have a special memento from the game.

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A Complicated Road Ahead

The Dodgers faced a difficult decision even before Urias’ arrest. They chose not to include him in the team’s current road trip, which began on Tuesday night against the Miami Marlins. As a result, his upcoming start on Thursday has been canceled. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts expressed the team’s need to take things day by day, understanding that simplifying the situation is the best approach.

A Troubling Pattern

This is not the first time Urias has faced domestic violence allegations. In 2019, he was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery. Following that incident, Urias was suspended for 20 games under MLB’s domestic violence policy. However, he was not prosecuted by the Los Angeles city attorney under the condition that he completed a 52-week domestic violence counseling program.

Uncharted Territory

Urias’ case is unprecedented in MLB history. No player has ever received two separate suspensions under the league’s domestic violence policy, which was implemented in 2015. This places Urias in a unique and challenging position.

Dodging Controversy

Unfortunately, the Dodgers are no strangers to canceling promotions due to their players’ involvement in controversial situations. In 2021, former Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer saw his bobblehead day canceled amidst sexual assault allegations against him. The team finds itself confronted with similar challenges yet again.

A Broader Issue

Urias is not the only star player currently under investigation by MLB. Wander Franco, the talented Tampa Bay Rays shortstop, has also been put on administrative leave while authorities in the Dominican Republic investigate him for an alleged relationship with a minor. The league is facing a series of difficult situations involving high-profile players.

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A Stellar Career Tarnished

Despite the recent controversies, it’s important to recognize Urias’ accomplishments on the field. He was a 20-game winner in 2021 and led the National League in ERA with an impressive 2.16 in 2022. Since his MLB debut with the Dodgers in 2016, Urias has exhibited his pitching prowess, boasting a record of 60-25 and an ERA of 3.11 in 158 games (with 122 starts). He played a significant role in helping the Dodgers secure the World Series title in 2020 and finished third in the NL Cy Young voting last season.

Looking Ahead

Urias is currently pitching under a one-year, $14.25 million contract and is set to become an unrestricted free agent after this season. As his future remains uncertain, it’s clear that both Urias and the Dodgers have a long road ahead in navigating the challenges and repercussions of these troubling events.

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