Why Doesn’t Zak Bagans Join House Calls?

Have you ever wondered why Zak Bagans, the renowned paranormal investigator and host of Ghost Adventures, doesn’t participate in House Calls, a popular show where paranormal investigators examine haunted houses? Well, there are a few reasons why Zak hasn’t joined the House Calls team, despite his love for investigating the supernatural.

Why Doesn't Zak Bagans Join House Calls?
Why Doesn’t Zak Bagans Join House Calls?

Zak’s Busy Schedule

One of the main reasons why Zak hasn’t joined House Calls is because he has an incredibly busy schedule. Between filming Ghost Adventures, writing books, and managing his haunted museum in Las Vegas, Zak has very little free time. Even when he’s not actively working on one of his projects, he’s often traveling to conferences, conventions, and other events.

With such a packed schedule, it’s no wonder that Zak hasn’t been able to make time to participate in House Calls. After all, investigating haunted houses requires a significant time commitment, and Zak simply may not have the availability to take on another project at this time.

Zak’s Approach to Investigating

Another reason why Zak may not have joined House Calls is that he has a very particular approach to investigating the paranormal. Zak is known for his “lockdown” investigations, where he and his team spend the night in a haunted location to capture evidence of supernatural activity. This approach requires a significant investment of time and resources, as well as a team of skilled investigators who are willing to commit to the investigation.

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House Calls, on the other hand, takes a more traditional approach to investigating haunted houses. Instead of spending the night in the location, the investigators typically spend a few hours examining the house and gathering evidence. While this approach can be effective, it may not align with Zak’s preferred methodology for investigating the paranormal.

Zak’s Brand and Image

Finally, it’s possible that Zak hasn’t joined House Calls because he’s focused on building and maintaining his own brand and image. As a successful paranormal investigator and host of a popular TV show, Zak has built a reputation as an expert in the field of paranormal activity. He’s also become a celebrity in his own right, with a large following of fans who are interested in his work.

By joining House Calls, Zak would be aligning himself with another brand and team of investigators. While this could be beneficial in terms of exposure and recognition, it could also dilute his own brand and image. Zak may feel that it’s important to maintain his own independent approach to investigating the paranormal, rather than becoming associated with another team or project.


In the end, there are a variety of reasons why Zak Bagans hasn’t joined House Calls. Whether it’s due to his busy schedule, his approach to investigating the paranormal, or his focus on building his own brand and image, Zak has chosen to focus his energies on other projects and pursuits.

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As fans of Zak’s work, we can appreciate the contributions he’s made to the field of paranormal investigation and the impact he’s had on the popular imagination. While it would be fascinating to see him join House Calls or another similar project, we can respect his decision to pursue his own unique path and approach to the supernatural.