Why Is My Phone Bill Showing Me Texting Myself?

We all value our online privacy. Whether we’re browsing the web for sensitive information or keeping tabs on someone’s social media profile, we want to protect ourselves from online theft, fraud, and malicious attacks. This is where our internet service provider plays a vital role. AT&T, in particular, prides itself on taking care of its customers and prioritizing transparency while maintaining their privacy.

AT&T Billing Procedures: Transparency and Privacy

No matter how trivial some things may be, we prefer to keep them private. Whether it’s our search history or our call log, there are certain details we’d rather not share with the world. Thankfully, AT&T understands this concern. The company highlights all billing procedures related to internet usage with utmost transparency, including phone bills and usage reports. They ensure that you have a clear understanding of how your information is handled while respecting your privacy.

How to Access Text Message Records from AT&T?

As an AT&T wireless customer, you might wonder how to access your text message records. While detailed billing statements and the AT&T website do not display the content of text messages, there is an alternative option: the AT&T Message Backup & Sync service.

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AT&T Message Backup & Sync

With the AT&T Messages app, you can keep your conversations flowing seamlessly across your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. The AT&T Messages Backup & Sync service allows you to back up your text messages and image files in the AT&T cloud. This way, you can sync them to your devices using your AT&T mobile number.

To activate the service, download the AT&T Messaging app on your smartphone or tablet. From there, go to Settings and select AT&T Messages Backup & Sync. You can send, receive, and download messages stored on the AT&T cloud to your devices using your AT&T mobile number. Messages are kept on the cloud for up to 90 days, after which they will be deleted but still remain on your phone if downloaded.

Why Don’t iPhone Messages Appear on the AT&T Bill?

If you’re an AT&T customer using an iPhone, you may have noticed that text messages sent via iPhone do not show up on your AT&T phone bill. This is because iPhone messages use a different system called iMessage. These texts are considered iMessages, not traditional SMS messages. As iMessage is related to data usage and not SMS, your final billing statement will not include iMessage data usage.

Can I See Text Messages on My AT&T Phone Bill?

AT&T wireless network users have the option to log onto AT&T’s official website and download phone and data usage reports for their accounts. These reports allow you to view up to 16 months of data, text, and call usage information across all wireless devices.

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While you can see specific text usage details such as the date, time, the sender’s number, and the receiver’s number on your account, the content of the text messages will not be included in the detailed report. However, all SMS and MMS messages, including those sent on Android phones using the AT&T service, will be highlighted.

How Can I Hide Text Messages on My AT&T Billing Statement?

If you want to keep your text messages hidden in plain sight on your AT&T billing statement, you can switch to using social media messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or Twitter. AT&T will not display the message details of any messaging app that does not use your AT&T number. Instead, only data usage will be highlighted. This approach is an effective way to maintain your privacy when it comes to text messages on your monthly bill.

It’s important to note that for AT&T to share your text message records, you must be using your primary AT&T number with a subscribed internet/phone plan.

Apps to Hide Text Messages on Your Phone Bill

If you want to text people without having the number appear on your phone bill, there are several apps you can consider:

Texting Shield

Download and use Texting Shield to text people without the number appearing on your phone bill. The app provides you with an untraceable number for private conversations.


Hushed offers a disposable number that cannot be traced or linked to your phone. With this app, the number won’t appear on your phone bill, ensuring private calls and messages.

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Mask My Number

Mask My Number hides your phone number by displaying it as an alphanumeric ID or a real phone number. You can send anonymous text messages through this app without them appearing on your phone bill.


With Burner, you can create a second line for calling, texting, or sending picture messages. This app intercepts your phone line and generates multiple numbers that you can share with anyone. It’s a convenient solution that eliminates the need for carrying another smartphone.


Pinger acts as your phone number, allowing you to make calls, send SMS messages, set a ringtone, and more from within the app. Your messages won’t show up on your phone bill since everything happens within the Pinger app.

In Conclusion

While AT&T phone bills provide specific text usage details like the date, time, amount of data, and the sender/recipient’s number, the actual content of the text messages is not disclosed. You can access up to 90 days of text messages saved on the AT&T cloud through the AT&T Messages Backup & Sync service. If you need further details, you can log on to the AT&T website to download phone and data usage reports for your account.

Finally, remember that AT&T will not display message details for any messaging app that does not use your AT&T number. By utilizing alternative messaging apps and taking advantage of the apps mentioned above, you can effectively hide your text messages from your AT&T billing statement.

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