Why Does Itachi Keep His Arm Out of His Cloak?

Suppose you’ve been following Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto manga and anime series. In that case, it’s safe to assume that you are a fan of the Naruto universe. Have you ever pondered the significance of Itachi’s peculiar arm placement? If so, you’re likely curious about what happened to Itachi’s left arm. Read on to discover intriguing insights about Itachi, and especially the mystery surrounding his arm.

The Truth Behind Itachi’s Left Arm

In short, nothing out of the ordinary happened to Itachi’s left arm. However, this peculiar arm placement outside of his cloak has captured fans’ attention and left them wondering. Are you one of those curious fans? Keep reading!

Understanding Itachi’s Cloak

First things first, Itachi is known for wearing a cloak. Throughout the Naruto series, he keeps his left hand tucked inside it. A cloak is a loose garment that can be worn over regular clothing. This fashion statement is commonly seen in Japanese tradition and video games.

The Reason Behind Itachi’s Arm Placement

When you start asking why Itachi keeps his left arm outside of his cloak, you’re essentially seeking an explanation for this intriguing choice. Fans have come up with several theories, but none can be confirmed as the definitive answer.

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According to some reactions from fans, Itachi keeps his left arm inside the cloak or half outside as a ritual during battles. Others argue that this style reflects Itachi’s immense willpower. It is not widely known, but some theories suggest that Itachi straightens his left arm as a tribute to Japanese tradition, while others claim it is merely a fashion statement to look cool.

On the other hand, fans believe that Itachi’s arm placement is a subtle way of asserting his dominance in combat since he always possesses calculated moves.

Exploring Other Theories

Many fans associate Itachi’s arm hanging outside the cloak with conserving body heat to combat enemies in treacherous conditions. Conversely, some believe that he keeps his left arm straight due to a respiratory illness. However, we should debunk the most common myth that suggests his arm hangs out to alleviate pain.

Itachi’s Arm: A Fashion Statement

Contrary to popular belief, Itachi’s arm placement has nothing to do with any injuries or illness. As a member of the dangerous Ninja tribe, Itachi’s arm is completely healthy. He simply adopts this unique arm placement as a personal style statement. To truly grasp the significance, you must watch the entire series.

Fans’ Reactions

Itachi, being a formidable and dangerous ninja, garners admiration for his distinctive fashion choice of donning only one sleeve. Fans interpret Itachi’s arm placement as a way of showcasing his dominance in battle and distracting opponents.

Unraveling Itachi’s Mysterious Illness

Firstly, Itachi’s arm placement has no connection to his mysterious illness. After joining Anbu, Itachi was diagnosed with a respiratory illness that severely limited his endurance. Despite his fatal disease causing him pain, Itachi continued to train his Sharingan and genjutsu, demonstrating his immense willpower.

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Various novels describe Itachi exhibiting symptoms such as a lack of stamina and coughing up blood before his death. This has led many to believe that Itachi suffered from a respiratory disease. However, there is no evidence indicating that Sasuke, despite his hatred for his elder brother, played a role in Itachi’s illness.

Understanding Sasuke’s Hatred for Itachi

Both Sasuke and Itachi are pivotal characters in the Naruto universe. Itachi, being older, holds a deep hatred towards his brother for his involvement in annihilating their entire clan. Sasuke, not possessing the same formidable abilities as Itachi, struggles to confront his powerful older brother.

The Demise of Itachi Uchiha

What if we told you that Itachi willingly allowed Sasuke to kill him when he ran out of chakra? Yes, it’s true! Sasuke was not solely responsible for Itachi’s demise. Itachi, who was taking medication to prolong his life, made the conscious decision to let Sasuke end him. During his final moments, Itachi expressed his gratitude and love for Sasuke. It’s worth mentioning that Itachi faced his brother’s attacks calmly.

Anything Else?

It should be noted that Itachi’s fight with Sasuke cannot be considered a loss. In his weakened state, Itachi could have effortlessly defeated Sasuke. However, Itachi chose to give Sasuke the satisfaction of killing him, thus passing on his strength and portraying Sasuke as a hero of the Uchiha clan. Itachi’s extraordinary fortitude truly distinguishes him as one of the greatest characters in Naruto.

Was Itachi a Hero or a Villain?

Undoubtedly, Itachi was a hero who endured numerous trials and tribulations. He sacrificed his loved ones, reputation, and even his younger brother’s love and admiration for the sake of the Uchiha clan. This speaks volumes about Itachi’s character. Despite this, the truth about Itachi’s heroism only became known after his death. He was rewarded with some of the finest techniques and abilities in the ninja world, yet he fell to his younger brother in their final battle.

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In Conclusion – The Enigma of Itachi’s Arm

Undeniably, Itachi is a strong and reputable shinobi within his clan. He displayed remarkable fortitude throughout his life and performed numerous acts of heroism for his villages and people. This is why Itachi Uchiha fans hold him in such high regard as a patriotic soldier.

Now that you have gained insights into the lives of two key Naruto characters, including why Itachi is remembered as a noble ninja, feel free to share your theories on what may have led to his unique arm placement in the comments.

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