Why Friar Lawrence Agrees to Perform the Marriage Ceremony for Romeo and Juliet


In their pursuit of love, Romeo rushes to Friar Lawrence, seeking his assistance in marrying Juliet. Surprisingly, the Friar agrees to perform the ceremony, fueled by the hope that this union might bring an end to the longstanding feud between their families.

A Chance for Reconciliation

The scene unfolds as Friar Lawrence, alone with a basket, embraces the dawn. He observes the sun piercing through the clouds, dispelling the darkness. With a sense of purpose, he collects both harmful and beneficial plants, reflecting on the duality of nature. He muses about the extraordinary power that resides in plants, herbs, and stones, wherein virtue can turn to vice when misused.

Romeo enters, greeting the Friar with a warm “Good morrow.” The Friar acknowledges the early hour, noting that youth awakens with vigor while the elderly grapple with sleeplessness. Concerned, he asks if Romeo spent the night with Rosaline, to which Romeo confesses that he has moved on from his previous infatuation.

Romeo’s Heart Lies with Juliet

Romeo reveals that he now holds deep affection for the beautiful daughter of the wealthy Capulet family. Recognizing the intensity of their love, the young couple yearns for the Friar’s support in uniting them through holy matrimony. Impressed by Romeo’s earnestness and the opportunity to reconcile their feuding families, Friar Lawrence consents to their request.

The Friar’s Surprise

Friar Lawrence is taken aback by Romeo’s swift change of heart, questioning the sincerity of his previous infatuation with Rosaline. He remarks that young men often confuse love with mere attraction, emphasizing the importance of true devotion beyond appearances. It becomes evident that Romeo’s tears shed for Rosaline were in vain, as his love for Juliet now fills his heart.

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A Path Towards Unity

Realizing the potential positive impact of Romeo and Juliet’s union, Friar Lawrence agrees to play a role in their marriage. He hopes that this alliance will serve as a catalyst for transforming the deep-seated animosity between the two households into genuine love and acceptance.


With haste, Romeo and Friar Lawrence prepare to depart, their shared objective of joining Romeo and Juliet in holy matrimony guiding their steps. As they leave, the Friar advises Romeo to proceed wisely and cautiously, reminding him that rushing into decisions may lead to stumbling.

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