Why TikTok Users Say “Fake Body” to Avoid Nudity Guidelines

TikTok has become a hotbed for creative expression and viral trends. But alongside the fun and entertainment, there’s a growing concern about the platform’s content moderation and community guidelines. Enter the phrase “fake body.” This intriguing term has taken TikTok by storm, with billions of views under its belt. So, why exactly are people using it?

A Clever Trick to Circumvent Nudity Guidelines

It turns out that users have discovered a way to bypass TikTok’s strict community guidelines on nudity. By including the hashtag #fakebody in captions and hashtags, users hope to prevent their partially nude videos from being removed. These videos often feature individuals in bikinis or shirtless, but they are not explicit or sexually suggestive.

The Power of the “Fake Body” Hashtag

The popularity of the #fakebody hashtag speaks volumes. With around 1.8 billion views, it has become a prevalent trend on TikTok. If you add a yellow “warning” emoji to the hashtag, the views skyrocket to over 840 million. The vast majority of posts using this hashtag showcase real people wearing revealing clothing like crop tops or bikinis.

So, why are users convinced that the “fake body” tag can fool TikTok’s automated moderation system?

Outsmarting the Moderation System

TikTok’s decision to employ automated systems for content moderation has left some users feeling frustrated. They believe that certain videos, which human moderators might not consider explicit, are being automatically removed. Fitness influencer Jo Gyu Seon, based in South Korea, faced this issue when three of his shirtless videos were taken down.

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To combat this, he began using the “fake body” tag. Since then, his videos have remained on his account and one video alone has garnered 1.6 million views. Seon argues that topless videos should be allowed, as they can serve as motivation for personal improvement and inspire others.

Circus Performer Anna Petrenko’s Experience

Another TikTok user, circus performer Anna Petrenko, also experienced content removal for posting candid videos in revealing clothing. She now exercises caution and includes the “fake body” tag to safeguard her videos. Her recent lingerie photoshoot video, captioned “fake body,” has not been removed and has garnered almost 90,000 views in just four days.

TikTok’s Nudity Rules and Beyond

TikTok’s nudity rules explicitly state that excessively revealing content is prohibited. Depictions of breasts, genitals, anus, or buttocks are off-limits. These guidelines align with similar rules enforced on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Unfortunately, TikTok declined to comment on this matter, leaving users to find innovative ways to navigate the platform’s limitations.

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In conclusion, the “fake body” trend on TikTok demonstrates the creativity and ingenuity of its users. While there may be ongoing debates about the platform’s content moderation, users continue to find innovative ways to express themselves while adhering to the guidelines.

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