Why Do My Teeth Feel Weird After Eating Spinach

You probably already know why soda and other sugary treats make your teeth feel weird; they form a clear, sticky film on your pearly whites — plaque. But what if your teeth feel strange after you eat foods that are actually good for your health, like spinach? Your dentist in Richardson is here to explain the science behind the phenomenon known as “spinach teeth.”

Spinach Contains Oxalic Acid

Spinach is packed full of nutrients, but it’s also packed full of a compound known as oxalic acid. It contains other substances that contribute to the strange gritty feeling on your pearly whites as well, but the acid is the main culprit. Oxalic acid is what is called an antinutrient — it basically bonds with a specific nutrient and stops your body from absorbing it.

Oxalic acid combines with the calcium in your saliva, forming crystals of calcium oxalate. These crystals don’t dissolve well in water and can cling to your teeth, creating that uncomfortable spinach teeth feeling.

Spinach isn’t the only plant that contains oxalic acid. You might notice that your teeth feel strange after you eat beets, rhubarb, kale, endive, nuts, and Swiss chard. However, spinach tends to have higher levels of oxalic acid compared to other plants.

Does That Mean Vegetables Are Bad for You?

If you don’t love vegetables, you might be looking for an excuse to stop consuming your leafy greens. Sorry to disappoint you, but you should still follow Popeye’s example and eat plenty of spinach. It’s rich in compounds that are great for your health, and the calcium oxalate crystals, as strange as they feel, won’t harm your teeth. The oxalic acid in spinach can’t affect the calcium in your teeth because it bonds quickly to the calcium in your saliva.

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How to Beat Spinach Teeth

Some researchers are working on breeding new types of spinach that contain lower levels of oxalic acid. Currently, certain types of spinach have twice the level of acid as others. However, since it’s not easy to determine the oxalic acid content of each bunch of spinach you buy, you’ll have to resort to other techniques to stop that strange feeling in your mouth.

One thing you can try is squirting a little lemon juice on your salad. The ascorbic acid in citrus can dissolve some of the oxalic acid. However, keep in mind that lemon juice isn’t great for your teeth because of its acidity.

The best way to beat spinach teeth is to simply brush your teeth soon after you consume your leafy greens. Wipe away those crystals so your mouth can feel fresh and clean again!

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