Why Do Jets Leave a Trail in the Sky?

Video why do jets leave a white trail in the sky

An investigation into the truth behind the white trails left by airplanes.


Have you ever glanced up at the sky and wondered why jets leave behind those long, white trails? There’s a lot of speculation and conspiracy theories surrounding these trails. In this article, we will delve into the science behind these trails, explore the claims made by conspiracy theorists, and hear from the experts. Let’s separate fact from fiction.

White trails in the sky

What Are Contrails?

Contrails, short for condensation trails, are the white lines that you see in the sky when aircraft pass by. These trails are formed when water vapor and fine soot particles from burning jet fuels freeze into ice crystals at high altitudes. The level of humidity in the surrounding air determines whether these ice crystals remain visible or disappear quickly. Contrails are a natural occurrence and pose no harm to the environment or human health.

The Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theorists claim that these innocent-looking trails, commonly known as “chemtrails,” are intentionally sprayed into the sky by governments for various sinister purposes. Some suggest that they are used to slow down global warming, while others believe they are used to control the weather or even weed out the old and sick. However, these claims lack any scientific evidence and are widely debunked.

The Expert Opinion

Experts in the field dismiss these conspiracy theories and emphasize that contrails are harmless. Aidan McGivern, a meteorologist from the Met Office, points out that contrails are short-lived and located at high altitudes, making it highly unlikely for any chemicals to reach the ground. NASA scientists also confirm that the phenomenon of contrails is natural and explain that the line patterns in the sky can be attributed to contrails merging due to wind.

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Debunking the Myths

Contrails are not large enough or dense enough to impact the weather or manipulate population growth. The notion that airplanes are intentionally spraying harmful substances remains unfounded. Extensive research and scientific studies have consistently shown no evidence to support the claims made by conspiracy theorists.


In conclusion, the white trails left behind by jets in the sky are simply a result of condensation and pose no threat to the environment or human health. Conspiracy theories suggesting otherwise lack credibility and scientific backing. It’s essential to rely on expert opinions and verifiable evidence to separate fact from fiction.

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