Why Great Pyrenees Have Double Dew Claws

Great Pyrenees with Double Dew Claws

Before welcoming Mauja into our family, I extensively studied the Great Pyrenees breed. Even without meeting one in person, I felt confident that it was the perfect fit for us. During my research, I delved into the unique characteristics of this breed, including their double dew claws.

The Unusual Double Dew Claws

During Mauja’s initial visit to the vet, the doctor remarked on her dew claws and found it peculiar that they were attached by bone. I attempted to explain the breed standard of the Great Pyrenees and the benefits of these double dew claws, but my efforts fell short. Every subsequent visit, until Mauja’s spay, I endured a lecture on why I should remove her dew claws. Fearing that the vet would remove them without my consent, we sought a different veterinarian for her procedure.

This experience ignited my quest to educate others about the significance of double dew claws in the Great Pyrenees.

The Unique Trait: Double Dew Claws

Have you ever noticed this distinctive feature? It never ceases to amuse me when people spot the double dew claws on Mauja and Atka. Their faces invariably display a mix of surprise and curiosity along with the inevitable question, “Are they meant to be there?”

As depicted in the image above, you’ll see a pad with two slightly elevated toenails on their paws. These are the double dew claws, a hallmark of a Great Pyrenees.

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Dispelling Common Misconceptions

It is commonly believed that dewclaws should be removed as early as possible. While this holds true for certain breeds, it does not apply to the Great Pyrenees. Many dog breeds have loose dew claws that are prone to snagging and tearing, so vets often opt to remove them in non-working dogs at a young age.

However, the double dew claws of the Great Pyrenees are firmly attached by a bone, functioning as thumbs for these dogs. Surprisingly, they serve a practical purpose.

The Versatility of Double Dew Claws

I immensely enjoy watching Mauja and Atka utilize their additional toes while frolicking around. The dew claws provide them with enhanced grip for swift turns, climbing, descending, and even jumping. Although I haven’t witnessed Atka jumping, Mauja always employs her dew claws during her jumps!

The Implications of Removing Double Dew Claws

It is highly discouraged to remove the double dew claws due to the excruciating pain it inflicts and the potential harm it causes to the dog. Since they are securely attached by a bone, it is unusual for them to snag if properly cared for. Regular trimming is essential to prevent the nails from growing too long and causing discomfort by digging into the pad.

Seek Reliable Sources for Accurate Information

My experience with Mauja taught me the importance of consulting multiple sources for accurate information. While it’s essential to seek advice from your vet, conducting thorough research is equally crucial. Reach out to reputable breeders, dog show enthusiasts, and rescue workers associated with the breed to acquire the most reliable and up-to-date knowledge.

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Have you ever encountered a dog with double dew claws?

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