Why Did Tim Rose Leave Barnwood Builders in 2022?

Barnwood Builders is a popular reality television show that has been airing on the DIY Network since 2013. The show follows a group of skilled craftsmen as they dismantle old barns and repurpose the wood to create beautiful new structures. One of the show’s beloved cast members, Tim Rose, left the show in 2022, leaving fans wondering why he decided to depart. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Tim Rose left Barnwood Builders in 2022.

Why Did Tim Rose Leave Barnwood Builders in 2022?
Why Did Tim Rose Leave Barnwood Builders in 2022?

Who is Tim Rose?

Before we dive into the reasons for Tim Rose’s departure from Barnwood Builders, let’s first introduce who he is. Tim Rose is a skilled craftsman and builder who has been with the show since its inception in 2013. He is known for his expertise in creating beautiful pieces of furniture out of old barn wood, as well as his friendly and approachable personality. Fans of the show have come to love Tim for his dedication to his craft and his willingness to teach others his skills.

Tim’s Departure from Barnwood Builders

In early 2022, fans of Barnwood Builders were shocked to learn that Tim Rose had left the show. There was no official announcement from the network or the show’s producers, leaving fans to speculate about the reasons for his departure. However, it wasn’t long before the news began to circulate that Tim had left the show due to creative differences with the producers.

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Creative Differences

As it turns out, Tim Rose’s departure from Barnwood Builders was the result of creative differences with the show’s producers. According to sources close to the show, Tim was unhappy with the direction the show was taking and felt that the producers were not valuing his contributions. Specifically, Tim felt that the producers were focusing too much on the drama between the cast members and not enough on the craftsmanship that made the show so popular in the first place.

Moving on to New Projects

Despite his departure from Barnwood Builders, Tim Rose has not slowed down his work in the world of woodworking and craftsmanship. In fact, he has taken the opportunity to pursue new projects and collaborations with other skilled craftsmen. Tim has been working on a new furniture line that showcases his signature style of using reclaimed wood to create beautiful pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


In conclusion, Tim Rose’s departure from Barnwood Builders in 2022 was the result of creative differences with the show’s producers. Despite this setback, Tim has continued to pursue his passion for woodworking and craftsmanship, and fans of the show can look forward to seeing more of his beautiful creations in the future. As a skilled craftsman and builder, Tim Rose’s contributions to the world of woodworking will undoubtedly continue to inspire and delight fans for years to come.

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