Why Northerners Opposed the Annexation of Texas

Texas, the Lone Star Republic, was never one to easily join. On this day, December 29, in 1845, when the United States officially annexed Texas, it faced strong opposition from both within and outside the state. The objections were rooted in two main concerns: the issue of slavery and the status of Texas as a territory.

Northerners’ Opposition

Northerners were against Texas joining the Union because it would become a slave state. Slavery was a contentious issue, and the expansion of slave-holding states was seen as a threat to the balance of power between free and slave states. This opposition to slavery led to intense resistance to the annexation of Texas.

Mexico’s Objection

Mexico also objected to the annexation because it still considered Texas a territory. The Mexican government’s refusal to recognize Texas as an independent nation led to tensions between the two countries. Within a year of the annexation, Mexico went to war with the United States, further demonstrating the controversial nature of Texas’s incorporation into the Union.

Mirabeau Lamar’s Staunch Opposition

Although a majority of Texans were in favor of statehood, one prominent politician stood firmly against it. Mirabeau Lamar, the Republic’s second president, had a grand vision for Texas. Known for his diverse talents and ambitious dreams, Lamar saw Texas as a potential empire.

Lamar’s vision was to establish strong trade relations with foreign powers and secure Texas’s sovereignty. His efforts to build a nation played a crucial role in pushing the divided U.S. Congress to agree on annexing Texas. The prospect of a cotton and mineral-rich country, free from tariff restrictions, trading with England, appealed to both Lamar and the British. This ultimately influenced Congress’s decision to adopt the resolution for annexation in 1845.

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Lamar’s Resentment and Acceptance

Despite his opposition, Lamar eventually recognized the benefits of Texas joining forces with the United States. With constant threats from Mexico and the risk of becoming a British satellite, Lamar conceded that it was in Texas’s best interest to align with the U.S. However, he couldn’t help but resent the intrusion.

During the Mexican-American War, Lamar was sent to Laredo to establish a municipal government. In a letter to his former vice president, he expressed his dissatisfaction with President James K. Polk’s collaboration with his old political rival, Sam Houston. Lamar’s colorful language captured his disdain, referring to Polk as a “bloated mass of iniquity.”

Lamar’s Ambitions and Legacy

Mirabeau Lamar was a larger-than-life figure, with ambitions for Texas that surpassed what the young nation could achieve. His charm, generosity, and oratorical skills were well-regarded, but he faced criticism from detractors who considered him a better poet than politician.

Lamar’s dreams may not have come to fruition, but his contributions to Texas history cannot be ignored. He played a significant role in shaping the identity of the Lone Star Republic and its eventual integration into the United States.

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