What Happened to Chris and Robbie on Shipping Wars?

Video why did chris and robbie leave shipping wars

Have you ever wondered what happened to Chris and Robbie on the popular TV show Shipping Wars? Like many other fan favorites, they left the show unexpectedly in 2014. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind their departure and explore the aftermath of their exit.

The Unexpected Departure

Robbie Welsh and Chris Hanna, the beloved couple from Shipping Wars, left the show in 2014. Despite being fan favorites, they signed deals that were auctioned off by UShip, the largest online auctioneer. This surprising turn of events left viewers wondering what happened to Robbie and Chris on Shipping Wars.

Robbie and Chris’s Exit

It was revealed that Chris had been convicted of child pornography, which led to their departure from the show. This shocking revelation had a profound impact on their careers and the future of Shipping Wars. Robbie, on the other hand, continued to make a name for herself as a model in the trucking industry, appearing in various trucking magazines and websites.

The Legacy of Shipping Wars

Shipping Wars was a popular reality television program that aired on A&E from 2012 to 2015. It featured independent shipping companies and trucking firms specializing in transporting unusual and large-sized items. The show ran for seven seasons and aired over 100 episodes, captivating audiences with its unique concept.

The Aftermath of Shipping Wars

After each episode of Shipping Wars, the shippers’ revenue and expenses were tallied to determine their profit or loss. The bid amount was subtracted from their earnings, and additional money could be earned by hauling additional loads on the same trip. This competitive and challenging environment kept viewers hooked until the end.

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The End of Shipping Wars

Shipping Wars came to an end in April 2015 following the departure of Chris and Robbie. The show’s cancellation had significant repercussions for many of the shipping companies featured on the show, leading to some of them going out of business. However, Shipping Wars left a lasting impact on the industry and the viewers who enjoyed the thrilling journey of transporting unconventional items.


The departure of Chris and Robbie from Shipping Wars marked a turning point in the show’s history. Their unexpected exit due to Chris’s conviction shocked fans and had a lasting impact on their careers. However, Shipping Wars continued to entertain audiences with its unique concept until its cancellation in 2015. The legacy of the show lives on, reminding us of the challenges and excitement of the shipping industry.

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