Why Brandon Left Parker’s Crew on Gold Rush

Video why did brandon leave parker on gold rush

This week on Gold Rush, Mitch Blaschke dropped a name from the past: Brennan Ruault. The show is strategic about what it includes, especially in terms of dialogue, so there must be a significant reason for mentioning Brennan. If he’s making a comeback, it could have a huge impact on the crew.

Where Did Brennan Ruault Go on Gold Rush?

Brennan Ruault was part of the Gold Rush cast for several years before ultimately leaving the show. He joined Parker Schnabel’s crew in Season 6 and primarily worked with the excavators. Brennan found fulfillment in weighing the gold because it made all the hard work worthwhile.

Brennan Ruault on Gold Rush

According to his Discovery profile, Brennan also enjoyed staying fit, hunting, fishing, and riding motorbikes or snowmobiles. One of his scariest experiences involved being caught in an avalanche while on a snowmobile. He managed to crawl back to safety, with only his legs remaining buried.

But what led to Brennan Ruault’s departure from Gold Rush? In Season 12, he decided to leave Parker’s crew and join Rick Ness’s. During the season premiere, Brennan expressed his excitement about returning to the Yukon and experiencing a change. He was eager to collaborate with a new crew, embrace fresh perspectives, and adopt a different mining approach.

In that same premiere, Brennan referred to his last year working with Parker as “brutal.” He mentioned that their disagreements had become a constant source of stress, with Parker frequently displaying anger. Additionally, Parker grew frustrated with Brennan’s constant questioning of his leadership skills. This contentious moment prompted Brennan’s decision to leave Parker’s crew and venture elsewhere.

A fresh start for Brennan – do you agree with his decision? #GoldRush

— Gold Rush (@Gold_Rush) September 25, 2021

Could Brennan Make a Return to Parker’s Crew on Gold Rush?

Mitch’s mention of Brennan Ruault’s name on Gold Rush has caused fans to speculate about his potential comeback. According to some fans on Reddit, it wouldn’t make sense for the show to drop his name unless he was returning in some capacity.

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“I know he is working on a pipeline, and he and Parker have a shared history. I get the impression that Parker has grown a lot personally and professionally, and it’s clear he needs reliable people,” suggested one fan. They then pondered whether Brennan would answer the phone if Parker reached out.

Some responses highlighted the financial benefits of working on pipelines, which might dissuade Brennan from returning. Others pointed out how Parker’s crew has struggled since Brennan’s departure. They noted that Brennan always brought a positive energy to the team and boosted morale. Bringing him back could be the perfect solution.

Do you miss Brennan Ruault on Gold Rush? Would you like to see him reunite with Parker’s crew? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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