Why Alex’s Suicide in The Big Chill Left Us Puzzled


In the realm of films, some moments leave a profound impact, causing us to question their underlying meanings. One such moment is the suicide of Alex Marshall in the movie The Big Chill. This article dives into the significance of Alex’s demise and explores the lingering questions it raises.

The Mysterious Big Chill

The bathroom of Harold and Sarah’s vacation home served as the tragic backdrop for Alex’s suicide. However, beyond the surface, the title itself offers a deeper symbolism. “Big Chill” refers to a state of extreme coldness, a concept rooted in cosmology, where the universe’s temperature approaches absolute zero. It signifies the theoretical end of the universe, with all cosmic expansion having slowed down. This phenomenon is also known as the “Big Freeze.”

Unraveling the Characters

An important question arises: who was the small child in The Big Chill? Surprisingly, the child was not a stranger to the screen but rather Kevin Costner, who played the role of Alex. His character’s death acted as the catalyst that brought the college friends together in the film. Costner, despite previously appearing in minor roles, showcased his talent and left a lasting impression.

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The Enigma of the Deceased Guy

In a similar vein, we ponder the identity of the deceased character in The Big Chill. It turns out that Kevin Costner, known for his acting prowess, portrayed this character as well. Though his on-screen time was ultimately cut from the final version, his presence lingered throughout the film, leaving an intriguing mystery for viewers.

Soundtrack that Resonates

A Big Chill‘s impact extended beyond the storyline and characters. The film’s compilation featured an exquisite selection of tracks that complemented the narrative. Titled “The Great Chill,” this soundtrack contributed significantly to the movie’s emotional depth.

A House Full of Memories

The location of the home in The Big Chill holds its own significance. The Tidalholm Mansion in downtown Beaufort, South Carolina, served as the meeting place for the old friends. This privately-owned home became the backdrop where the characters reconnected, fostering nostalgia and reminiscing about their shared past.

The Chilling Source in Astronomy

Digging deeper, we explore the astronomical concept behind the “big cold.” In cosmological theory, as the universe expands, its density decreases, leading to a state of significant coldness. Stars fade away, and new ones cease to form. The cosmos, shrouded in darkness, stands as the ultimate outcome of this cosmic journey.

Unveiling the Personality of Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline, a prominent actor in The Big Chill, possesses not only remarkable talent but also an amiable and down-to-earth nature. Kline’s humble and likable demeanor, coupled with his great sense of humor, sets him apart in the industry. He embodies the true essence of an actor untainted by stardom, making him a fan favorite.

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Behind the Scenes: The Missing Kevin Costner Sequences

One intriguing fact about The Big Chill is the absence of Kevin Costner’s sequences in the final version. Although his initial scenes, displaying his severed wrists, made it to the cutting room floor, the director, Lawrence Kasdan, ultimately decided to remove them. Despite this, Costner’s presence remains felt, leaving audiences to speculate about what could have been.

The Big Chill’s Resurgence on Netflix

For those who yearn to relive the magic of The Big Chill, there’s good news. The 1983 film is now available on Netflix, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the reunion of old friends following the funeral of a college mate. Prepare to embark on a journey that evokes nostalgia and deep contemplation.

Tracing the Years: Tom Berenger and Kevin Costner

As we explore the cast of The Big Chill, we stumble upon the question of age. Tom Berenger, a prominent actor in the film, clocks in at seventy-five years, his career marked by remarkable performances. Meanwhile, Kevin Costner, a timeless figure, continues to grace our screens at the age of sixty-five, leaving an indelible mark on cinema.

The Big Chill’s Literary Connection

Unbeknownst to many, The Big Chill boasts a literary connection. The investigative journalism pieces published during the 2000 election by renowned journalists formed the basis of three hard-hitting books. One of these books, The Big Chill, critically examines the election process, shedding light on its aftermath.

Meg Tilly: Young and Talented

In The Big Chill, Meg Tilly made her mark at just sixteen years old. Her portrayal showcased immense talent and charisma, leaving viewers captivated by her performance. Tilly’s presence in the film adds a youthful energy that resonates with audiences.

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The Deceased Buddy: A Short Cameo

Curiosity piques as we wonder about the opening scene in The Big Chill, wherein a deceased buddy makes a short cameo. Once again, it is Kevin Costner who fills this role, reminding us of the impact his character had on the lives of the college friends.

The Tilly Sisters: A Bond of Friendship

In exploring the life of Meg Tilly, we discover the existence of the Tilly sisters. Meg, Rebecca, and their elder brother, Steve, stand as a close-knit family. Meg, raised by her mother and stepfather, grew up on Texada Island, British Columbia. This tight bond among the Tilly siblings adds depth to Meg’s performance in the film.

Glenn Close: A Timeless Icon

The Big Chill may not revolve around Glenn Close, but her presence remains unforgettable. In the movie Fatal Attraction, she left an indelible mark, showcasing her talent and versatility. Close’s career soared after the release of The Big Chill, earning her rightful acclaim in the industry.

The Collaborative Creators

At the helm of The Big Chill were Lawrence Kasdan, the writer and director residing in New York City, and Barbara Benedek, a writer also based in New York City. Together, their collaboration birthed a film that etched a lasting memory in the hearts of audiences.


As we unravel the layers of The Big Chill, we realize that this film transcends mere storytelling. It delves into deeper themes, leaving us pondering the mysteries of life, death, and the connections we forge. So, sit back, grab some popcorn, and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of The Big Chill. To explore more intriguing topics, visit 5ws.wiki.

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