Why Flying After a BBL Might Not Be a Good Idea

Video why can't you fly after a bbl

During a recent live Instagram chat, a curious viewer named Kay Plump raised an interesting question: “What about flying after a BBL?” For those considering a Brazilian butt lift surgery at Atlantic Coast Aesthetics cosmetic surgery, especially those coming from outside southern Florida, this question holds great significance. Traveling after surgery can pose unique challenges, especially when it involves a multi-hour flight.

Take Precautions, But It’s Possible

The short answer is yes, you can fly after a BBL or any other form of plastic surgery, as long as you take certain precautions. However, it is advisable to postpone travel for as long as possible after surgery to expedite your recovery and minimize the risk of complications. It’s crucial to keep in mind that everyone’s postoperative experience varies. While some individuals can handle the recovery process smoothly, others may find it more challenging. Additionally, travel expenses can add to the overall cost of the Brazilian butt lift, so careful planning is essential.

Avoid Pressure on the Area

After undergoing a BBL, it is essential to avoid putting direct pressure on the treated area. Applying pressure can disturb the distribution of fat cells, potentially altering the shape and volume you desire. To alleviate pressure when sitting becomes unavoidable, consider using a BBL pillow. These specially designed foam pillows are created to take the weight off your buttocks. The market offers various options, such as the popular “Booty Buddy” BBL pillow or other alternatives that suit your needs and budget.

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Flight Duration Matters

The length of your flight plays a crucial role in post-surgery travel considerations. For shorter flights, lasting around 1-2 hours, the impact may not be significant. If you cannot use a BBL pillow due to carry-on limitations or airline policies, a rolled-up towel can serve as an alternative. Nonetheless, it is of utmost importance to stand up and move around as much as possible during the flight. Immediate postoperative phase increases the risk of blood clot formation, which can lead to life-threatening complications like a pulmonary embolism. Airlines generally acknowledge the unique needs of postoperative patients and have special protocols in place to accommodate them. You can request a special form before your flight and present it at check-in when flying after a BBL or any other major procedure.

Trust the Experts at Atlantic Coast Aesthetics

At Atlantic Coast Aesthetics (ACA), you can rely on the expertise of Dr. Thomas A. Pane, ACA’s Chief Medical Officer and founder. Dr. Pane is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in emergency and cosmetic surgery. Whether you need an in-person or a hybrid consultation (combining in-person and virtual elements), ACA offers various resources to guide you through a safe post-op travel experience. Their services range from arm lifts, body contouring, and breast augmentation to liposuction, mommy makeovers, and tummy tucks. You can count on ACA to provide assistance for breast augmentation and lift costs, including in-house financing options.

For more information about how Dr. Pane and ACA can help you achieve your desired look, visit our 5 WS page or call us at 561-513-4763. We’re always happy to discuss your cosmetic surgery goals and the available options. Remember, at Atlantic Coast Aesthetics, we believe that the only bad question is the one you don’t ask!

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