Be a Beth, Not a Karen: Embrace Positivity and Kindness

If you haven’t heard the phrase “In a world full of Karens, be a Beth,” you must have been living under a rock. But don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you. In simple terms, a Karen is someone who constantly complains about everything and thinks she knows best. On the other hand, a Beth is a woman who lives her life without bothering others.

According to Urban Dictionary, a Karen is the type of person who complains about everything, never lends a helping hand, and believes she knows better than everyone else. She is usually a middle-aged woman, often described as blonde, who finds issues in situations that don’t affect her. For example, a Karen might sue a grocery store for having slightly imperfect apples or sue the city for installing a stop sign that briefly blocks the sun from her kitchen window. She refuses to help others, constantly demands to see the manager at the supermarket for trivial matters, and even selfishly parks in a handicap spot, boasting about it.

Chances are, you know at least one Karen in your life. But let’s shift our focus to Beth. According to Urban Dictionary, Beth is a kind-hearted individual who loves helping others and genuinely tries to solve people’s problems in a compassionate manner. She is the perfect partner, always loving unconditionally. Beth embodies perfection with her words and actions, leaving a pleasant impression on everyone she encounters. If you’re lucky enough to win her heart, you’ll find yourself in a relationship with the best partner you could ever have, making you feel like the luckiest person in the world.

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We all wish we knew a Beth, someone who brings positivity and warmth into our lives. The character of Beth became famous through the hit show Yellowstone, which can be likened to a modern-day Game of Thrones. The show revolves around a family who owns a ranch and does everything in their power to protect it from various challenges.

With the growing popularity of Yellowstone and the character of Beth, memes have started to appear. These memes capture the essence of “In a world full of Karens, be a Beth” and provide a good laugh. Let’s take a look at some of the best memes that embody this idea:

In a World Full of Karens, Be a Beth Meme List

1. In a world full of Karens, be a Beth

Meme 1

2. Parent all day – Drink all night

Meme 2

3. Your drama – ME

Meme 3

4. What would Beth Dutton do now?

Meme 4

5. When you mention Yellowstone and your friends think of the park

Meme 5

6. Walking out of work like…

Meme 6

7. Don’t push my Beth Dutton button

Meme 7

8. You are the trailer park and I am the tornado

Meme 8

9. How I feel when the Zoom call is over an hour

Meme 9

10. Be right back, challenging my inner Beth Dutton

Meme 10

11. Beth Dutton is my spirit animal

Meme 11

12. In a world full of Kardashians, be a Beth Dutton

Meme 12

13. Happy birthday – Celebrate like Beth would

Meme 13

14. Seems about right

Meme 14

15. You are the RIP to my Beth

Meme 15

16. Why are you trying to test the Beth Dutton in me

Meme 16

17. Beth Dutton state of mind

Meme 17

Memes based on popular TV shows have been around for a while. If you enjoyed this meme gallery, you might also want to check out an article about the show Supernatural, featuring 30 funny Supernatural memes.

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Remember, in a world full of Karens, let’s choose to be a Beth. Spread kindness, positivity, and love. Be the best version of yourself. Embrace the Beth within you.

Let’s support the idea of being a Beth, and for more interesting content and insights, check out 5 WS.

Now go out there and make the world a better place, one Beth at a time!

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