Starters Not Playing in Madden 22: The Continual Frustration

Video why aren't my starters playing in madden 22


The NFL simulation video game, EA Madden 22, has become the center of attention recently for all the wrong reasons. Since its release, players have been incessantly complaining about various bugs and issues that plague the game.

Disappearing Players Bug

One bug that was supposedly fixed in a recent patch has resurfaced, causing frustration among EA Madden 22 players. This bug leads to players disappearing after the beginning of a match in Franchise mode. Even the starting RB/WR leaves the game and never returns, being replaced by substitutes within a few minutes, regardless of the injury settings.

Fatigue System Hindrance

In addition to the disappearing players bug, Madden 22 players are also unable to fully utilize their top players due to issues with the fatigue system. Despite the release of a patch that was supposed to address the Madden 22 ‘Starting RB/WR leaves game’ issue, it seems that the problem persists.

Potential Causes and EA’s Response

It appears that EA is aware of the resurgence of the ‘Starting RB/WR leaves game’ issue, even after the supposed fix. Perhaps the fatigue system is not solely to blame; there may be other factors causing the substitution of RBs/WRs by substitutes.

Seeking a Solution

Players are eagerly hoping that EA will rectify this frustrating issue as soon as possible, allowing them to enjoy Madden 22 as intended. We will update this space once a fix is implemented, so be sure to keep an eye out.

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Update (October 07)

As time passes, the issue of starters not playing in Madden 22 remains unresolved. A recent comment from a mod on the community forums suggests that the developers are actively working on finding a fix, but there is no clear timeline for when it will be resolved.


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