Why Are Range Rover Oil Changes So Expensive?

Range Rovers are renowned for their sleek design and superior performance. However, owning and maintaining a Range Rover comes at a steep price. If you’ve ever wondered why Range Rover oil changes are so expensive, we’ve done the research to shed light on this matter.

Luxury Car Brand

The primary reason Range Rover oil changes are costly is due to the brand’s luxury status. Luxury items tend to come with a premium price tag, and Range Rovers are no exception. The exclusivity and prestige associated with luxury brands contribute to their higher costs. Moreover, luxury brands create an allure of a luxurious lifestyle that people are willing to invest in. This elevated perception directly translates to the expenses associated with maintaining a Range Rover, including oil changes.

Synthetic Oil

Range Rovers utilize synthetic oil, which is more expensive than conventional engine oil commonly used in other cars. Synthetic oil offers superior performance and protection. Studies have shown that synthetic oil outperforms conventional oil by approximately 47%. It excels at safeguarding the engine during extreme temperatures, preventing sludge and deposits, and reducing degradation when towing heavy loads. Most Range Rover manuals recommend using synthetic oil exclusively, further emphasizing its importance. The higher cost of synthetic oil contributes to the overall price of Range Rover oil changes.

The Car Shop and Mechanic

Where you choose to have your Range Rover’s oil changed significantly impacts the cost. Opting for a Range Rover dealership will naturally be more expensive due to the association with the brand. However, independent car shops not affiliated with a specific brand generally offer more affordable oil change rates for Range Rovers. The choice of mechanic also influences the cost. Independent mechanics may offer lower prices, while Range Rover-certified mechanics, who possess the necessary qualifications to work on these luxury vehicles, often charge higher fees.

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Less Frequent Oil Changes

One aspect that adds to the expense of Range Rover oil changes is the reduced frequency at which they are required. Unlike many other cars that need an oil change every 5,000-7,500 miles, Range Rovers can go longer intervals of 7,500-10,000 miles between oil changes. Consequently, Range Rover owners typically need to change the oil only once or twice a year, depending on their driving habits. The decreased frequency of oil changes means that each individual oil change carries a higher cost compared to more frequent changes for other vehicles. Thus, Range Rover oil changes can easily reach $300-400, compared to the average cost of $120 for regular oil changes.

You Need a Lot of Oil

Another significant factor contributing to the cost of Range Rover oil changes is the quantity of oil required. The specific Range Rover model will determine the amount of oil needed for an oil change. For instance, a Range Rover with a 4.2L 8-cylinder engine can hold up to 9.4 liters of oil. Consequently, the expense of filling the oil compartment will vary based on the quantity of oil required by your Range Rover.

Difficulty Changing Oil

In addition to the factors mentioned above, Range Rover oil changes are expensive because they are not easy to perform. Some Range Rover models have a large plastic cover that conceals the drain plug, filter, and bolts. Opening up these components requires time and effort, which contributes to the overall cost of the oil change.

Oil Brand

While synthetic oil is the recommended option for most Range Rovers, the choice of brand can also influence the cost. Certain synthetic oil brands, such as Castrol EDGE Professional, come with a higher price tag. A five-quart bottle of this recommended oil can cost over $30, depending on the retailer.

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In conclusion, Range Rover oil changes are typically expensive due to the luxury status of the brand, the use of synthetic oil, the reduced frequency of oil changes, the large quantity of oil required, the complexity of the process, and the cost of specific oil brands. Maintaining a Range Rover comes at a premium, but the satisfaction of owning and driving this prestigious vehicle makes it worth it.

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