Why Do HOA Fees Vary Within the Same Complex?

Almost every house in the US is part of a Homeowners Association (HOA), which regulates the actions of homeowners in the community. The HOA is made up of homeowners who serve on the board. However, even within the same complex, monthly HOA fees can differ. So, why exactly do HOA fees vary within the same complex?

What Are HOA Fees All About?

HOA fees are monthly dues paid by homeowners who are members of the association. These fees are used to maintain the amenities and common areas of the HOA, such as the lobby, swimming pool, and patio. They may also cover utilities like sewage and trash. The cost of these fees can range from as low as $100 to as high as $1,000, depending on the needs of the community.

Can HOA Fees Differ within the Same Complex?

Yes, HOA fees can indeed differ within the same complex. This variation is dependent on the specific agreement you as a homeowner have with the HOA. Even if you and your neighbor reside in the same complex, it’s possible that they may be paying more in HOA fees than you. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this discrepancy.

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Why Do HOA Fees Differ in the Same Complex?

HOA fees vary within the same complex because not all homeowners utilize the same amenities and common areas. If you frequently use the swimming pool and tennis courts, you’ll be responsible for contributing to their maintenance costs. Essentially, the more amenities and utilities you utilize, the higher your HOA fees will be. Additionally, the number of bedrooms in your apartment also affects the fees you’ll pay. A 3-bedroom apartment will require more utilities and maintenance compared to a 2-bedroom unit. Therefore, it’s essential to consider all the amenities and common areas you use before questioning the differences in your HOA fees.

What Are HOA Fees Used For?

HOA fees primarily go towards maintaining the amenities and common areas within the community. These fees cover services like pest control, maintenance and repairs, insurance, trash removal, water and sewage, lawn care, and more. The specific details of what the fees cover can be found in the HOA’s rules and regulations. Additionally, HOA fees contribute to reserve funds, which are kept for unexpected repairs or improvements. If the reserve funds are insufficient to cover the costs, homeowners may be required to pay extra fees to finance the project.

Are HOA Fees the Same for Everyone?

No, HOA fees are not the same for everyone. The size and location of your apartment determine the cost of HOA fees. A larger apartment will incur higher fees for upkeep compared to a smaller unit. Additionally, each community’s HOA establishes the fees based on the expenses required to maintain the amenities and services. Therefore, the fees you pay may differ from those paid by homeowners in other communities.

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Why Are My HOA Fees Higher Than My Neighbor’s?

To understand why your HOA fees may be higher than your neighbor’s, consider the services and amenities you utilize within the complex or community. Although the basic amenities have standard fees, any additional amenities you enjoy will contribute to the overall cost. It’s possible that your neighbor uses more amenities than you, resulting in higher HOA fees. Additionally, compare the number of rooms in your apartment to those in your neighbor’s. If you have more rooms, the maintenance costs will naturally be higher.

Benefits of HOA Fees

Paying HOA fees comes with its benefits:

1. Savings

When you pay HOA fees, certain expenses such as insurance, security, landscaping, and trash removal are bundled together. This allows for significant savings since the costs are divided among all homeowners.

2. Maintenance of Common Areas and Amenities

Maintaining amenities individually can be costly. By paying HOA fees, you contribute to the upkeep of amenities such as swimming pools and tennis courts while spending less compared to individual maintenance costs.

3. Easy Landscaping

Maintaining a lawn and performing landscaping tasks can be time-consuming and expensive. However, if you live in an HOA-managed community, your lawn care is taken care of as part of your fees. This means you pay less compared to hiring a landscaping company yourself.


HOA fees are not the same for everyone within a complex due to differences in amenities and apartment sizes. It’s important to become familiar with the rules and regulations of your HOA to avoid any violations. Remember, each community has its own HOA rules, so understanding what is covered by the association and what is not is crucial. For more information on various topics, check out 5 WS.

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