Who Emerged as the Power of Veto Winner This Week?

Big Brother 25 has reached its seventh week, and as expected, the Veto Competition has once again brought forth a game-changing winner. The franchise never fails to surprise, especially with the introduction of this season’s houseguests. Last week, we bid farewell to Izzy Gleicher, with Cameron Hardin as the Head of Household (HoH) and Jared possessing the Power of Veto. However, a new week means a fresh opportunity for someone else to seize control.

Spoiler alert: This article contains exclusive details from the live feeds, yet to be aired.

Jared Fields has recently been crowned as the new HoH, and he wasted no time in nominating America and Corey for eviction. Joining them on the block are Jag, Cameron, and Bowie. Jag Bains, who narrowly escaped elimination a few weeks ago when pitted against Red Utley, has now emerged victorious, clinching the Power of Veto.

A Surprising Victory for the Underdog in the Big Brother Week 7 Veto Challenge

The 25th season of Big Brother has been a rollercoaster ride, with Veto winners unpredictably shifting the course of the competition. Week 7 has treated viewers to ample drama and nail-biting moments.

With Izzy Gleicher’s departure, the Cirie-Felicia-Izzy alliance officially came to an end, leaving the remaining duo uncertain about their future in the game. Jared’s appointment as the new HoH offered them a glimmer of hope, considering his relationship with Cirie.

Before the commencement of the Veto Competition, Cirie privately approached Jared and suggested that if Cameron were to win the power once again, she should be put on the block. Cirie believed her association with Jared was tarnishing his reputation in the house, and stepping aside would benefit his game.

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It is highly unlikely for Jared to take any action that could jeopardize the game his mother is playing.

Izzy’s eviction also turned the spotlight back on Jag, who was not in good terms with Cirie, Jared, and Felicia—power players who exerted influence in the game. Consequently, Corey selected Jag to compete in the Veto Challenge alongside Cameron, Bowie, America, and Corey—this week’s nominees.

Despite their best efforts, Corey and America failed to secure their safety, while Jag Bains emerged triumphant. Jared and his romantic interest, Blue, rejoiced, knowing that they have secured another week inside the Big Brother house. Moreover, America and Corey celebrated Jag’s win as well. This turn of events signals a potential shift in alliances as decision time approaches.

With Jag likely to save one of the HoH’s nominees from eviction, the remaining contestants may focus their efforts on sending Cameron home. Cameron has proven himself as one of the strongest competitors this season, having won the HoH title and the Power of Veto multiple times. However, his vulnerability this week could mark the end of his journey on Big Brother.

The houseguests now rally behind Jag, recognizing his newfound power and hoping to sway the game in their favor. Don’t miss the next episode of Big Brother, airing on September 17 at 10 pm ET on CBS and available for streaming on Paramount+.

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