Who Was By Beth’s Side When Her Mother Passed Away

The captivating TV show Yellowstone revolves around the Dutton family’s tireless efforts to protect their highly coveted land. However, fans of the series are well aware that one significant member of the Dutton family is no longer among them.

Evelyn Dutton, the late wife of John Dutton and the mother of Lee, Kayce, Jamie, and Beth, holds a crucial place in the family. Unfortunately, she made only four appearances in Yellowstone due to her untimely demise in 1997, leaving her children still young.

In the show, we catch glimpses of Evelyn through flashbacks and photos, serving as a poignant reminder of her presence. John, haunted by her loss, has chosen not to remarry or fully move on, even after numerous decades.

Evelyn was known for her tough love, particularly towards Beth, and her passing was a profoundly traumatic experience for John and their children.

What Led to the Tragic Death of John Dutton’s Wife?

John Dutton’s wife, Evelyn Dutton, met her unfortunate demise in a horseback riding accident on March 30, 1997. Tragically, Evelyn was riding alongside Kayce and Beth when her horse became startled and toppled over, ultimately resulting in her passing.

Prior to this fatal incident, Beth’s nervousness on her own horse instigated a chain reaction, causing Evelyn’s horse to become agitated as well.

In the immediate aftermath of the fall, Beth hurried to seek assistance while Kayce stayed by her mother’s side. As Evelyn lay there, she uttered her final words, directing blame towards Beth, saying, “She did this. Let her undo it.” These harsh words deeply traumatized Beth and haunted her throughout her life.

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Although Beth was able to find her father and bring him to her injured mother, their efforts were in vain. Evelyn drew her last breath just as John finally reached her side.

The Profound Impact of Evelyn’s Death on John

Evelyn’s untimely passing had a profound effect on John, as she had been his wife and the mother of his children. He has never fully recovered from the tragedy.

According to Beth’s perspective, her father lost a part of himself along with her mother. Despite Evelyn’s strictness, Beth still considers her to be “the backbone of the family.”

John once confided in Kayce, confessing, “I’m only half the man without her. It’s not an excuse, but I was a better father when she was alive.” Throughout the series, John engages in romantic relationships with Governor Lynelle Perry and Summer Higgins. Nevertheless, he has yet to remarry or commit to a serious relationship.

Beth’s Overwhelming Guilt for Her Mother’s Demise

Beth has struggled immensely following her mother’s death, burdening herself with guilt and blaming herself for the tragic accident. She carries the weight of responsibility despite it not being her fault.

Throughout Yellowstone, Beth grapples with the loss of her mother. At times, she believes that her own fear was the cause of her mother’s demise.

Beth even commemorates the anniversary of her mother’s passing by bathing in a trough and drinking champagne, struggling to come to terms with her grief.

In an interview with Kelly Reily, the talented actress who portrays Beth, she reveals, “We witness the journey of this innocent young girl as she endures a profound trauma. She has never been able to overcome it. Her mother’s death feels like a part of her soul evaporating. As the story unfolds, we begin to understand her complex layers.”

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While all the siblings grapple with the lasting impact of losing their mother at a tender age, Beth bears the weight of guilt more than anyone else. Her mother’s coldness during her final moments and the tragedy of losing her at such a young age have left Beth scarred with lasting trauma.

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