The Intriguing Affair That Shook Candy Montgomery’s World

Candy Montgomery, a seemingly ordinary American homemaker, found herself embroiled in a web of affairs that would lead to devastating consequences. While her trial for the murder of Betty Gore, the wife of her first lover Allan Gore, shed light on one affair, there was another secret liaison that came to the surface. In this article, we unravel the mystery surrounding Candy’s second affair and its impact on her life.

The Other Man: Sherry Cleckler’s Husband

Apart from Allan Gore, Candy also had an affair with her best friend Sherry Cleckler’s husband. The identity of this man remains undisclosed, but clues suggest that he was intimately involved with Candy during the time of her affair with Allan Gore. Sherry, who was not only Candy’s close friend but also her business partner, was privy to many aspects of Candy’s life, including her extramarital affairs. However, things took a turn when she discovered Candy’s second affair with her own husband.

Candy Montgomery and her husband, Pat, after her murder trial
Image: Candy Montgomery and her husband, Pat, after her murder trial

Unveiling the Second Affair

Candy Montgomery’s trial for the murder of Betty Gore not only exposed her affair with Allan Gore but also brought to light the existence of another secret liaison. Initially, Candy claimed that Allan Gore was the only man she had been involved with. However, under further questioning, she admitted to a brief relationship with another man from early November to mid-December of 1989. Unlike Allan Gore, this man’s identity was never revealed to the public.

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![Candy Montgomery during her trial for the murder of Betty Gore](×0/smart/filters:no_upscale()/
Image: Candy Montgomery during her trial for the murder of Betty Gore

Candy adamantly refused to provide the name of the other man, citing her concern for his family’s well-being. This suggested that, like Allan Gore, he too was a married man with a spouse and children. While Candy’s silence left the public curious, there were subtle hints that the mystery man could be none other than Sherry Cleckler’s husband. This revelation left Sherry visibly distraught during the court proceedings, prompting her to leave immediately after Candy’s not-guilty verdict was announced.

Candy Montgomery in court during her trial
Image: Candy Montgomery in court during her trial

Candy’s Present and Future

Now 73 years old, Candy Montgomery resides in Georgia, where she moved after the traumatic murder trial. Despite the pain and trauma she endured, Candy has found solace in helping others as a mental health counselor in Dawsonville, Georgia. Under her birth name, Candace Wheeler, she offers therapy sessions and supports individuals in their journey towards mental well-being.

As for her personal life, Candy Montgomery and her husband, Pat Montgomery, are no longer together. Following the trials, the couple relocated to Georgia but went their separate ways. Their two children are now married with families of their own, and Candy and Pat maintain a connection with them.

In conclusion, Candy Montgomery’s life took an unexpected turn as her secret affairs came to light during her trial. The revelation of her affair with Sherry Cleckler’s husband added further intrigue to an already captivating story. Despite the challenges she faced, Candy has since found purpose in helping others navigate their mental health journeys. To learn more about fascinating stories like these, visit 5 WS, where curiosity meets knowledge.

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