Big Brother 2022: The Unexpected Twist on the First Eviction Night

A Surprising Turn of Events

Big Brother 2022’s first eviction night took an unexpected turn when a Houseguest abruptly quit the show. Viewers eagerly anticipated the announcement by host Julie Chen Moonves, who was expected to reveal either Taylor Hale or Terrance Higgins as the first evictee of Season 24. However, instead of evicting anyone, the Houseguests who were at risk of elimination were granted a reprieve for the week.

Chen Moonves, 52, disclosed on the July 14 episode that Paloma Aguilar had left the show due to personal reasons. As a result, there would be no eviction. The departure of Paloma left fans wondering about the fate of the remaining contestants and the battle for the coveted Head of House (HoH) title.

Julie Chen Moonves revealed to viewers that the "Big Brother" eviction was going to look a little different.

The First Eviction: Who Left on Big Brother 2022?

During the July 14 episode, host Julie Chen Moonves hinted at an unusual eviction episode, reminding viewers to expect the unexpected. She also confirmed the departure of one Houseguest, which promised to shake up the evening’s events. Viewers witnessed Paloma’s struggles with anxiety and sleep within the house, and the other Houseguests expressed their concerns for her.

Subsequently, Daniel returned from the Diary Room with a message from Big Brother, informing the contestants that Paloma had left the show due to a personal matter. This shocking news meant that there would be no eviction, as announced by Chen Moonves.

Big Brother confirmed that Paloma Aguilar has left the show.
Brittany Hoopes was saved from the Backstage Pass twist by "Big Brother" fans.

Next, Chen Moonves revealed the results of the public vote for the holders of the Backstage Passes. Earlier in the season, Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli selected Paloma, Alyssa Snider, and Brittany Hoopes as the Backstage Pass holders. The public vote determined the fate of these three, although the nature of the threat they were saved from was never disclosed. Brittany received the highest number of votes, securing her safety.

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The mysterious Backstage Pass twist finally came to light. Alyssa and Paloma, the pass holders who did not win the public vote, would have faced off against the Houseguests up for eviction, Taylor and Terrance. However, with Paloma’s departure, this battle was no longer necessary. It remains to be seen what new twist will be introduced in the upcoming week.

Taylor Hales and Terrance Higgins were at risk of being evicted from "Big Brother".

The Battle for HoH: Who Emerged Victorious?

The second Head of House (HoH) competition is in progress, but the viewers are still in the dark about the winner. The July 14 episode showcased the first part of the showdown, where Houseguests competed in pairs. Here’s how the rounds played out:

  • Round 1: Pooch vs. Michael

    • Winner: Michael
  • Round 2: Taylor vs. Alyssa

    • Winner: Taylor
  • Round 3: Indy vs. Joseph

    • Winner: Joseph
  • Round 4: Brittany vs. Ameerah

    • Winner: Ameerah
  • Round 5: Jasmine vs. Terrance

    • Winner: Jasmine
  • Round 6: Kyle vs. Turner

    • Winner: Kyle
  • Round 7: Monte vs. Nicole

    • Winner: Monte

At the end of the episode, the winners of the first part of the HoH competition were revealed: Michael, Taylor, Joseph, Ameerah, Jasmine, Kyle, and Monte. These seven Houseguests will advance to the next round, and the outcome will be unveiled in the upcoming episode.

Don’t miss the next episodes of Big Brother, airing on CBS every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

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