Reliving the Epic Season: Dancing With The Stars Elimination Tracker

Season 31 of Dancing With the Stars may have come to an end, but the memories of the thrilling competition still linger. This season saw a switch to streaming on Disney+, making it more accessible than ever. From celebrities you adore to newcomers you’ve discovered, the show delivered its signature entertainment as stars pushed themselves to become accomplished ballroom dancers. Let’s pause and remember the unforgettable moments and surprising eliminations as we stroll down the memory lane of the official Dancing With the Stars Season 31 elimination tracker.

Week 10: The Showstopper Finale

The grand finale was a nail-biting showdown, leaving only one winning pair standing. Charli D’Amelio and Mark Ballas emerged victorious, claiming the prestigious Mirrorball Trophy. Their exceptional performances and chemistry set them apart from the competition. But, of course, we’re here to provide you with all the juicy details. So, let’s reveal the deserving stars who came in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place:

2nd place: Gabby Windey and Val Chmerkovskiy
3rd place: Wayne Brady and Witney Carson
4th place: Shangela and Gleb Savchenko

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Week 9: Eliminations that Tugged at Our Hearts

In the semi-finals, the stakes were high, and the remaining contestants had to deliver show-stopping performances. Unfortunately, some couples faced the harsh reality of elimination.

Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart

Daniel Durant touched hearts and brought judge Derek Hough to tears with his mesmerizing performances. However, he and his partner Britt Stewart were the second team to be eliminated after sharing the bottom slot with Shangela and Gleb Savchenko.

Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater

The semi-finals marked a critical turning point as two couples bid farewell to their Dancing With the Stars journey. Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater, who found themselves at the bottom for the fourth time, unfortunately had their dazzling run cut short.

Week 8: A Night of Bittersweet Farewells

The ballroom shimmered with nostalgia during the ’90s night, but it also meant that two couples would face elimination, adding a layer of tension to the performances.

Vinny Guadagnino and Koko Iwasaki

Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino and partner Koko Iwasaki had a rough patch with consistently low scores throughout the competition. Their luck ran out during ’90s night, leaving them in the bottom two for the first time. Ultimately, the judges saved Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater, sealing Vinny and Koko’s fate.

Heidi D’Amelio and Artem Chigvintsev

In a night filled with lighthearted fun, the news of double eliminations cast a shadow of uncertainty. The first couple to bid farewell during ’90s night was Heidi D’Amelio and pro Artem Chigvintsev. Despite landing in the bottom two for the second time, Heidi cherished the experience with a smile on her face, even vlogging her departure and receiving help from her youngest in packing.

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Week 7: A Surprising Twist

Singer Jordin Sparks and partner Brandon Armstrong had consistently delivered reliable performances, comfortably securing their position in the middle of the leaderboard. However, this week presented a challenging twist.

Jordin Sparks and Brandon Armstrong faced eliminations alongside Heidi D’Amelio and Artem Chigvintsev. The tied result put the fate of these talented duos in the hands of head judge Len Goodman. Ultimately, Len’s vote saved Heidi and Artem, while Jordin and Brandon bid farewell.

Week 6: A Night of Emotion and Reflection

Week 6 brought singer Michael Bublé to the judges’ panel, uplifting the ballroom with his iconic hits. However, amid the joy, one couple faced an emotional exit.

Jessie James Decker and Alan Bersten found themselves in the final two alongside Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater. Regrettably, Jessie and Alan were eliminated this time, but Jessie bravely embraced the decision, recognizing the joy and experience the show had given her.

Week 5: Unforgettable Moments and Tearful Goodbyes

Week 5 proved to be an emotional rollercoaster, leaving an indelible mark as contestants faced unexpected challenges and emotions took center stage.

Joseph Baena and Daniella Karagach

Joseph Baena, the talented fitness model and son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, bid a heartfelt farewell alongside his partner Daniella Karagach. Joseph’s mother, Mildred Patricia Baena, shared her mixed emotions, expressing her pride and sadness. Even Tyra Banks couldn’t hold back her tears during the elimination announcement, showcasing the profound connection forged throughout the journey.

Selma Blair and Sasha Farber

In a deeply personal moment, Selma Blair made the difficult decision to withdraw from the competition due to health concerns related to her battle with multiple sclerosis. Despite her early departure, Selma and partner Sasha Farber left the stage with a perfect score, leaving the audience moved by their final dance to “What the World Needs Now.”

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Week 4: Saying Goodbye to Beloved Contestants

The pressure intensified in Week 4, as remaining couples strived to secure their place in the competition. Sadly, one beloved pair faced the end of their dancing journey.

Sam Champion and Cheryl Burke found themselves unable to break free from the mid-20s score range in recent weeks. After landing in the bottom once again, they faced elimination, making way for Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater to continue their pursuit of the Mirrorball Trophy.

Week 3: A Tough Decision

Week 3 presented a challenging choice for the judges, as two couples found themselves in the bottom two.

Cheryl Ladd and Louis van Amstel, along with Sam Champion and Cheryl Burke, showcased remarkable improvement, making the decision an arduous task for the judges. Ultimately, Cheryl Ladd and Louis van Amstel bid farewell, leaving fans with enduring memories of their performances.

Week 2: Surprises and Disappointments

After dazzling the audience with an incredible jive to “All Shook Up” on Elvis Night, Teresa Giudice and Pasha Pashkov couldn’t escape the bottom two. With the judges evenly split on whom to save, head judge Len Goodman’s decision tipped the scale in favor of Cheryl Ladd and Louis van Amstel, leaving Teresa and Pasha to depart from the competition.

Week 1: Opening Night Jitters

The premiere episode set the stage for the thrilling season, but it came with an early exit for actor Jason Lewis. Jason’s cha-cha fell short of expectations, leading to his elimination. The judges chose to save fellow bottom-two contestant Teresa Giudice, giving her another chance to shine.

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Reliving the highs and lows of Dancing With the Stars Season 31 is a reminder of the talent, dedication, and unforgettable moments each contestant brought to the ballroom. Let’s celebrate the journey they embarked on, and for more intriguing and informative “5 WS” articles, visit

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