Who Tried to Kill Alison in Pretty Little Liars?


Pretty Little Liars, the beloved crime drama, revolved around the mysterious death of Alison DiLaurentis, a popular girl in Rosewood. As “The Liars,” her friends embarked on a journey to uncover the truth behind her demise, only to find themselves entangled in a web of lies and a cast of intriguing characters. Although the series has come to an end, it continues to captivate fans with its twists and turns.

The Truth About Alison’s Killer

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In Pretty Little Liars, Charlotte and Jessica DiLaurentis were the ones who attempted to kill Alison. However, their actions were based on a misunderstanding. Charlotte believed that Alison, her adoptive sister and cousin, was planning to kill their adoptive mother, who happened to be her aunt. Consequently, Charlotte took matters into her own hands and struck Alison on the head with a rock, causing her to appear dead. Witnessing this, Jessica decided to bury Alison’s body in their backyard. Tragically, it was later discovered that Alison had suffocated from being buried alive rather than succumbing to the head injury.

To conceal the truth, Jessica and Charlotte skillfully shifted blame onto Alison’s ex-boyfriend, Toby Cavanaugh. He became a hunted suspect, fearing conviction for a crime he didn’t commit. Despite his escape, the police eventually caught him. It was only later revealed that he was innocent, as the blood evidence had been tampered with. Another false suspect was Ian Thomas, Melissa Hastings’s boyfriend, who was falsely accused of Alison’s murder. The Liars eventually discovered evidence exonerating him, including footage of Ian leaving the scene without Alison.

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The Astonishing Revelation of Alison’s Survival

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The episode titled “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” in Season 4 unveiled the surprising truth that Alison was alive. Carla Grunwald, a psychic, had rescued Alison from her shallow grave. She had managed to call for Grunwald’s help in secret. The shocking revelation turned The Liars’ belief upside down, leading them to suspect Alison as the mysterious “Red Coat” figure who had been watching them from a distance. However, it wasn’t until the episode “A is for Answers” that they finally learned the full story. Alison revealed that her mother had witnessed her apparent death and that Grunwald had tried to take her to the hospital. Fearing for her life, Alison escaped and encountered Mona Vanderwaal, who then helped her assume a new identity—Vivian Darkbloom. Alison ultimately decided to return to Rosewood, surprising the entire town. Determined to seek justice, she had her sister, Charlotte, institutionalized after discovering that Charlotte had struck her. After years of therapy, Alison fought for Charlotte’s release, only for her to be mysteriously murdered, leaving Alison’s friends suspicious and questioning her innocence.

The Identity of the Mysterious “A”

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The identity of “A” underwent several transformations throughout Pretty Little Liars. First, Mona Vanderwaal assumed the role of the original “A” during Seasons 1 and 2. Motivated by the bullying she endured from Alison and her clique, Mona sought revenge. However, as Mona gained popularity, her motivations shifted, and she used her newfound power to manipulate and blackmail The Liars. Mona was eventually exposed as “A” and admitted to Radley Sanitarium for psychiatric treatment.

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The next incarnation of “A” was Charlotte DiLaurentis, also known as Big A. Mona and Charlotte formed a friendship during their time together in the sanitarium. Charlotte’s anger towards Alison grew when she discovered that Alison’s friends were relieved by the news of her death. Charlotte believed Alison deserved friends who truly cared for her. As the new “A,” Charlotte escalated the reign of terror. Her reign only ended with her own murder.

After Charlotte’s demise, a third “A,” known as Uber A, emerged. Alex Drake, Charlotte’s secret half-sister, took up the mantle of A. She proved to be more vicious and dangerous than ever before.

Alison’s Unexpected Motherhood

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In a surprising turn of events, Alison became the mother of Emily’s baby. While in Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, Alison was unknowingly impregnated with Emily’s eggs and Wren Kingston’s help. Initially taken aback by the pregnancy, especially considering her abusive ex-husband’s involvement, Alison found solace in Emily’s support and eventually fell in love with her. Initially planning to have an abortion, Alison received a gift from Uber A—a necklace with Emily’s name on it. This gift triggered her memory of the artificial insemination process. Alison discovered the truth and reconsidered her decision to terminate the pregnancy. Emily and Alison’s relationship deepened as they prepared to become parents. Together, they embraced the journey, and their love grew stronger. Their twin daughters, Grace and Lily, were born, marking a new chapter in their lives.

The Demise of Alison and Emily’s Relationship

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Alison and Emily’s relationship faced numerous challenges, ultimately leading to their divorce. Trust issues plagued their bond, and Alison struggled to let go of her past behavior. In the spin-off series Pretty Little Liars: Perfectionists, Alison relocated to Beacon Heights for a teaching position. She hoped to prove to Emily that she had changed and could be a supportive mentor to her students. However, their relationship deteriorated due to a lack of communication. Alison’s avoidance of Emily intensified, causing her to anticipate divorce papers. When she saw a social media post of Emily without her wedding ring, she believed the papers were imminent. Overwhelmed by the pain caused by their separation, Alison made the difficult decision to sign the divorce papers. She apologized for her lack of communication and explained the emotional struggle she experienced during the divorce process. To distract herself, Alison immersed herself in a local murder case.

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Alison’s Fear of Ezra Fitz

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Alison’s fear of Ezra Fitz stemmed from a combination of her deceit regarding her age and the realization that he was researching a true crime book. When Ezra discovered Alison’s true age, she was forced to end their relationship, despite his genuine affection for her. Affectionately referred to as “Board Shorts,” Ezra had enjoyed a romance with Alison during their time together. However, their relationship came to an abrupt halt due to the age revelation. Ezra’s true identity as the mystery man was uncovered during Season 4, causing a stir among The Liars. While initially motivated to gather information about Alison for his book, Ezra fell in love with Aria and sought to reconcile with her. After surviving a gunshot wound, Ezra reentered Aria’s life with the intention of giving her back the manuscripts he had kept. His efforts to reconnect with Aria continued in subsequent seasons.

Unveiling the Truth About “Beach Hottie”

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“Beach Hottie” was the pseudonym Alison used to refer to Darren Wilden, with whom she had a sexual relationship during their time in Cape May. However, their relationship took a dark turn when Alison suspected she was pregnant. She confided in CeCe about her fear of Wilden’s reaction. Given Wilden’s reputation as a womanizer and the potential legal consequences of their relationship due to Alison’s age, Wilden was willing to go to extreme lengths to protect his secrets. This included murdering Garrett Reynolds. Hanna confronted Wilden about his relationship with Alison after Charlotte informed Emily about her belief that Alison was still alive. Wilden attempted to silence Hanna by threatening her and even falsely accused Emily of Alison’s murder. However, The Liars stood by Emily, considering her too sweet to commit such a crime. It was later revealed that Lucas Gottesman was the one who broke Alison’s memorial bench, a revelation he confessed to Hanna while she was in the hospital.

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