Who Holds the Power: Decisions in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Video who to give control of the transmitter to

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is all about letting players feel in control, shaping and steering the narrative through crucial choices. As you ascend the towering VNC structure, embarking on what seemed like a suicide mission, you’ll face a defining moment – who to give control of the transmitter to. Let’s delve into the consequences of choosing Jack Matt, Juan, or Frank.

But hold up! Before we dive in, remember that this article only explores the information we have so far. It’s possible that previous choices may influence these outcomes. Bear in mind, spoilers ahead!

Give Control to Jack Matt

Your decision to grant control to Jack Matt will vary based on whether you remained loyal to him or sided with Juan earlier in the game. If you opt for Jack Matt, he’ll assert that Rowe and his men didn’t perish in vain. Moving forward, you’ll notice a surge of Peacekeeper propaganda resonating throughout the city.

Lawan, a compelling character, will suddenly appear, scolding Aiden for startling her before inviting him on a trip to her old residence to find a fresh pair of sneakers. This excursion unveils intriguing tidbits about Lawan’s backstory.

The next day, Jack Matt summons you to meet him, confessing his inability to locate Dr. Veronika just yet. He assigns you a mission to activate several antennas, amplifying the reach of his propaganda. Once you accomplish this task, Jack Matt finally discloses Veronika’s whereabouts.

As the game progresses, when the city endures its first missile strike, Frank won’t possess the means to evacuate people. Instead, he’ll be on the streets himself, risking grave injuries to safeguard others.

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Give Control to Juan

Similar to the previous scenario, your choice to entrust the transmitter to Juan hinges on your loyalty to him or Jack Matt earlier in the game. Should you opt for Juan, he’ll commend your decision, assuring you that you made the right call. Shortly after, Lawan emerges again, leading you through a captivating mission about her own past.

Juan will reach out to you, expressing concern over missing UV lamps that you had previously acquired. He suspects Jack Matt’s involvement, prompting you to track down the lamps at the Peacekeeper headquarters. This quest entails an exhilarating chase after a train, unraveling Jack Matt’s intentions with the lights. Once completed, Juan discloses Dr. Veronika’s location.

In this alternate path, Frank is once again critically injured by the first missile strike.

Give Control to Frank

Offering control of the transmitter to Frank will bring joy, as the mission he commenced years ago is finally accomplished. From now on, messages of hope will resound through the city, soothing its troubled inhabitants. Lawan reappears, leading you on a fascinating journey into her own backstory.

The following day, Frank dispatches you to boost the antenna signal before you can set off on the quest to find Dr. Veronika.

Additionally, this choice will eventually lead to a reunion with Hakon. A furious battle ensues, with Lawan joining in and expressing her desire to end Hakon’s life. And there you have it – the choice between sparing him or allowing her to deliver the final blow will be in your hands.

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As the game unfolds, Frank will be shot and left in critical condition.

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, every decision holds weight, steering the story in unexpected directions. Remember, the outcomes mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg. Explore the game, make your choices, and see how they intertwine with the unpredictable world of the apocalypse.

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